“I think everyone is looking at it as way more than it is. The older guys have met three or four time now – throughout OTA’s, we did it during mini camps, and we did it during training camp, and we said we wanted to meet periordically just to talk about the the state of the team, and where we were and things we need to do as leaders and older guys on this team. I think now is a just good time for us to get together and talk. It’s not a panic-type thing, it’s just a good time for us to get together and talk.” — Ben, on their upcoming player-only meeting.

Ben is also asked about the 0-2 start, Heath “the best tight end in the game” Miller; the wide receivers; the Bears defense; receivers lobbying for more catches, “I’ve gotten a lot of nice gifts from guys”; the confusion right after the Paulson fumble; the no-huddle and two-minute modes; and working with his offensive coordinator.

You can watch & listen here (video)!