From Ben’s post-game interview:

hpnewsFrom 0-4 to 8-8 –

Proud of the fight! Obviously we started really tough, but there was no quit, like we said there wouldn’t be.

I’m really proud of what has happened. We started 0-4 and things aren’t looking so good, and we have one of the worst records in football.

Guys continued to fight and never quit. I will look at satisfaction as happy and proud of the fight and no one quitting.

On what he’s seen from the offense as the season progressed –

Just a lot of guys playing really well and stepping up for each other…we were on our fourth center, our line was playing great. I think it’s been great to see everybody kind of grow -whether it’s huddling or not huddling, hurrying up or slowing down – whatever it is it’s just been growth and getting better every week.

As to the future –

We’re going to build on this whether we’re getting ready for next week or whether we’re getting ready for next year. I think we put together a good foundation,the team is playing well so whatever we are preparing for, building on, we’ll be ready.

You can watch & listen to his interview here (video).

*Steeler Nation – thank you for all your support this season!! Best fans in the world!!