After listening to Big Ben’s post-game interview last night, many Steelers fans wanted to let Ben know how they felt about him, the team and the season!

Below are just a few of the many emails, Facebook comments and tweets to Ben last night and this morning:

Patrick“Steeler fan for life! Love you Ben” — Rochelle Kenney

“You guys should be proud, with the poor start and all the injuries, you still played tough..Proud to be a member of Steeler Nation.” — Kim Rowles

@_BigBen7 said there would be no quit in him or Steelers and there wasn’t! Heartbroken of the outcome, but so excited of the future. — Josh Mescia @themesh23

@_BigBen7 Never been more proud of a Steelers team! What a fight, guys!! Luv u all to death!! STEELERS FOREVER!!! — Aaron Campbell @AaronC44814

“Hey Big Man watching the replay of the game today I love the shots of you going to each one of the players giving them that hug and confidence before every game. I cannot say enough how glad I am that you are a Steeler my favorite Q.B of all time My MVP, My All pro and one of my favorite pro athletes of all time!!!” — Henderson Thomas

“best thing is you found out what works leading into next season.” — Mike Runewicz

@_BigBen7 A big thank you. — Ron DeFrance – @rondefrance

Sami“I as a Steeler fan still and always will love ya guys!!! We almost had Our foot in the Playoffs sorry that did not happen..But, There is always next year!” — Jackie Bowe

“Still proud of my team and one heckuva way to end the season. No post-season, no problem. Least we fought to the end and that’s the sign of a true championship team. Can’t always have a great season, but can still find ways to exude greatness. That’s why I love my Steelers. Still betting we see 7 before anyone else sees 6. Steeler Nation for life.” — Matthew Thies

@_BigBen7 @AntonioBrown84 @steelers proud of our steelers. Played through diversity, never gave up. #SteelerNation #fanforlife — Larry Simon @simonlhhs

“Proud of the fantastic comeback after a scary start to the season! Steelers will always rock; playoffs or no playoffs! My team forever!!” — Janet Hansom

“They could have mailed it in after that horrendous start…but they kept fighting…and that’s why I will always love this team/organization! RIDE OR DIE…STEELERS 4 LIFE!!” — Felecia Donelson

@_BigBen7 We will get them next year! Watch out NFL! We are going to show the league how football is played!! #SteelersNation — MZ ‏@ZerfossMatt

CharlieBlanco“I’m proud of you guys too, you won 6 of the last 8 and I don’t think any other team wanted to meet you in the playoffs! Next year will be a different story, glad you had no injuries this year Ben…it was a good year!” — Todd Meyers

Thanks for a great season really memorable I’m glad you never gave up for me that is a true champion thank you @_BigBen7! — James Ramirez @JamesGSW81

“Steeler fan for life here also, through thick and thin! You the man Ben! We will see you next year!” — Chris Maloney

“You should be proud Ben!!!” — Barb Luketic

@_BigBen7 THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT SEASON!!!! @bkeisel99 @tpolamalu and welcome to the family @L_Bell26! — Anthony ‏ @RedPen28

“Way to come back and finish strong. We got it next Year!!!” — Karen M. Stask

MeganConroy_May25“So proud of you and all the Steelers!” — Patti Boyle

I’m so sad but they never gave up! I wish the season didn’t end so soon! Always representing black n yellow @steelers @_BigBen7 — Nia Anderson – @NiniNiaMarie

“Great season. Heartbreaking to not make it to the post season but so excited to see if we can gel all of the pieces together.” — Christopher Morales

“Well said Big Ben. The Steelers never showed quit, when they were 0-4 they didn’t quit, when they gave up 55 to NE they didn’t quit, when they lost heartbreakers to Baltimore and Miami they didn’t quit. When you don’t quit you are always relevant and a force to be reckoned with.” — Josh Staskus

@_BigBen7 never going to stop cheering for the Black and Gold. Thanks to you and all the players/coaches for never giving up. — Brian Caudill ‏ @MUlefty34

“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. I’m proud to be a Steelers fan.” — Irrainia Cornish

“At least you fought hard til the end! Whether the team went to the playoffs or not, team still came together!!” — Mindy Graham

Jas“You all made me proud! Y’all came back from a rough start to the season and proved haters wrong and confirmed what Steel Nation knew!” — Donna-Marie Willow

Despite the season ending too soon I am glad the @steelers turned it around this season. Way to keep up the fight boys! @_BigBen7 @L_Bell26 — Cassie Lea ‏@Heusie_Cass

Can’t get over the @steelers not in playoffs @_BigBen7 is and will always be one of the best QB’s ever! #NextYear — Eden @EdenPerezChavez

“I am proud of you all too. You guys got it together and gave us a great 2nd half of the season. Can’t wait to see you all next year.” — Cathy Brown

“Love ya Big Ben always! And damm proud of the Steelers!” — Theresa Florez

Congrats on the season @steelers @_BigBen7 @CoachTomlin @LaMarrWoodley @SacManJones_29 Proud to be Steelers fan from South Dakota!!! — Tyler Smith ‏@tylersmith36

RonaldCypher“Ben, Steeler Nation bleeds black and gold we will get it next year!!” — Thabie Melvin

“Steelers are still #1 in my book!!!! Love ya Ben!!” — Gracie Tapia Tovar

TY for the great season All of you are great inspirations for me @L_Bell26 @_BigBen7 @Ike_SwagginU @AntonioBrown84 @tpolamalu + all cant fit! — Brandon Prosser ‏@thebardo11

“Great finish to the season!!” — Heather O.Gilliland

@_BigBen7 this year has been difficult! We are very proud of the effort and heart you put it, you are the kind of leader that Steelers need! — Marco Antonio Reyes ‏@marcoreyes3939

“Way to close the season pal, You guys fought until the end and that’s why I fell in love with The Pittsburgh Steelers 13 years ago. Can’t look back on the past gotta move forward, get healthy, and get better. I guess the Stairway to Seven will have to wait another year. #HereWeGoSteelers #Renegade” — Dave Antoine

“We sure proud of you Ben. You lead our team to not be quitters. Next year is Ours.” — Kaye Stewart Scroggins

“Big Ben, Hall of Famer hands down when it’s all said and done!!still hasn’t had a losing season in his career! We gave it a fight didn’t quit!BLACK AND GOLD ALL DAY EVERYDAY!” — Douglas Molina

AmyCamp_SarahMetcalf@_BigBen7 2014/2015 the Steelers will rein again! No worries! #stillmyfav — Crystal Clay @LucyClay1

“Great season Ben. Look forward to what this offense can become next year. Have a great off-season and come back strong.” — Michael E Pearce

“You could see it all coming together at the end of the season. The offense is way better and will only improve with more familiarity and a healthy line. I cannot believe it, but I am a Todd Haley fan now. The defense improved, but needs some fresh legs which I know will be addressed this off season. Very hopeful and have a good feeling about next year!” — Angelo Ramos

“My pride for this team keeps me warm through a cold Canadian winter! TruNorth Steelers Fan, Baby!! Stairway to Seven begins next training camp!!” — John V Dore

“Ben, I’m proud of the season “we” had. slow start, great recovery..love you guys. Thank You for being dedicated and talented every single year, every single game. God Bless. Congratulations with the new baby! From Philadelphia!! GO STEELERS!! ” — Dottie Whitmore

“When you attend your season ending meetings, emphasize to all, next season, the Super Bowl will be ours!! Way to finish strong!” — Henry Woodfork Jr.

TaylorMooreThank you Steelers for such a great season. Proud of the whole team. @_BigBen7 — Natalie Di Nardo ‏@nataliedinardo

“Thank you Pittsburgh Steelers & coaching staff for another great season, they are all great seasons to me win or lose I love watching my team! Wishing you all a Healthy Happy New Year and I’m already looking forward to next season.” — Debbie LaManna

@_BigBen7 just want to thank you & give you the respect you deserve for being the leader you are&helping your team to keep fighting&never quit. — steelergirl4life @LeslieHangen

“Proud of all my Steelers. What a pre season and first half but I always believed. My heart is full. 2014 here we come. Now next great event will be birth of your second child. Things to look forward to. Baby and winning 2014 season.” — Deborah McCabe

@_BigBen7 I’m a die hard Steelers fan and I really appreciate the effort You guys never gave up Thanks for a Crazy Season. #SteelerNation — Justinn Ayalaa @JustinAyala62

“Relax now Ben with your family and get ready for your new arrival.” — Jan S. Harrison

JakeRobinson@_BigBen7 steeler nation forever! Now that is how you face adversity…No matter how bad it is in the start it’s how you finish. — Greg Bogan @SSGTAirborne

“I’m very proud to be part of Steeler Nation!! The boys did great after a slow start, and all of us die-hard fans will be there always!! Have a great off-season….and best to you, Ashley, and little Ben on the new baby this spring!!” — Diane Stumph

“See you at training camp next year Ben.” — Tom Melnik

*Thank you to EVERYONE who sent, posted & tweeted all those great messages of support! I wish we had room for all of them!

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