Is it Ben? Or is it Beckett? 🎃

This Halloween my son Beckett said he wanted to be a football player. He was just planning on wearing his team uniform. Beckett is 7 years old & plays football for the Peters Twp. Termites team.

However, on October 3rd he had to be taken by ambulance to CHP because he broke 2 bones in his arm during football practice. He said that the worst thing about the broken arm is that he “couldn’t play football”.

About a week post-break, Beckett said he still wanted to be a football player for Halloween…he wanted to be Big Ben. He’s now just a little dude on the sidelines, he has a huge heart & was adamant about being Big Ben! — Hilary Clark.

Beckett, you could have been “a football player”, but you look even better as Big Ben, the football player supporting his teammates from the sidelines. Have a great Halloween buddy!🎃