Are you ready to Trick or Treat down Memory Lane with the Roethlisberger Family?🎃

From 2013: Monkey business at the Roethlisberger residence

Breaking News: A little monkey has escaped from the Pittsburgh Zoo on Halloween night and is reportedly causing much mayhem at the home of the Roethlisberger’s!

Happy Halloween Steeler Nation, from our little monkey! — Ben & Ashley

From 2014: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

My son has been wearing his Elmo costume…he’s going to be 2 years old next month, so he’s wearing his Elmo costume and he’s been wearing it all over the house, so we’re trying to get it off of him and tell him he’s not allowed to wear it until actual Halloween! — Ben, during his interview with Mark Madden.

This is how it works Baylee – I’m older so I get to divide the candy: I get the M&M’s, the Snickers, and the Twix bars. You can have the Milky Way bars…no, you can have one Milky Way bar, I’ll uh, hold on to the rest for safekeeping. — Benjamin, Jr.

All I have to do is pretend to be posing nicely for the camera and then reachhhh out and grab just this one bag of M&M’s…— Baylee.

Mommy said I could wear my Elmo costume to bed!!! YESSSSSS!!!!” — Benjamin, Jr.

Wait! What the…what happened to all that yummy candy? I look up and smile for one photo and now it’s all gone?!! — Baylee.

“I have to admit, I AM totally rockin’ the baby bunny look!!!” — Baylee

From 2015 – Just BEFORE Halloween: Tough decisions call for help from Steelers Nation! And Benjamin Jr. needed their help!

Should I go trick or treating as my favorite comic book super hero, Spiderman or should I go as Olaf the Snowman from one of my favorite movies, “Frozen”?

Can you email Miss Erin at and let her know which one you’d choose? (She’s a lot better at counting that high).

(I’m just hoping my mom doesn’t see this post AND ME riding a bike in the house or both me and dad are gonna be in big trouble! Keep that part between us, okay?)

From 2015 – Halloween Night: Spidey vs Olaf – it was tie!

Ashley wanted to do a family theme picture so we all got dressed up in our Frozen costumes! — Ben.

But as soon as we were done with that, Benjamin wanted to get into his Spiderman outfit!

This was our first ever trick or treat and they loved it. JR wanted to just go to every house and talk to everyone, and Baylee tried to walk into everyone’s house like she owned it, it was so funny!!

All in all, it was a great night! The kids had fun and even Hercules got into a final picture of the night! — Ben.

From 2016: Happy Halloween everybody…

From Cinderella, a tiny Chase (PAW Patrol), and a very scary tiger from the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Update: The Pittsburgh Zoo tweeted to us after checking out that tiger!

From 2017: It’s Halloween & things are pretty SUPER at the Roethlisberger House

As in Super Cute Super Heroes:

How AMAZING do we look right now? — Benjamin & Baylee.

My shirt says it all!! Where’s my costume? — Bodie.

I AM Captain AMERICA! Watch this move!! — Benjamin.

Dadddd, wait!! My wig isn’t straight!!!! — Baylee.

When’s the candy parrrrt? Wahhhh!!! — Bodie.

Happy Halloween from Captain America, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk!

Now we didn’t have any photos from last year, but we will just have to wait and see if we get any this year…..