…and so is Steeler Nation!

The Steelers had night practice tonight at Heinz Field IN UNIFORM.

davidK786 @davidK786
@_BigBen7 Tonight was fun. It’s amazing to have Pittsburgh Steelers football back. Not to mention having my guy Big Ben back! He looked happy & healthy.. #Steelers #HereWeGo #SteelersCamp

“Glad the Lord brought you back and God help you all the way back.” — Jennifer Blair.

DJ Thumm @DJThumm
@_BigBen7 I need the elbow surgery that makes me look 15 yrs younger that he got!

“He looks great!!!!! Love you 🖤💛” — Micchelada Sedeño.

X Æ A-12 @ericknoerdel
@_BigBen7 looks the best he has his whole career I’m STOKED!

“So happy to see him in uniform and on the field!!!” — Cindy Schaefer.

B Moro @BMoro7
@_BigBen7 7 will bring us 7

“I think he’s gotten better looking with age! I was pretty young when he was in his first few years, but man, he’s good looking!” — Mallory Houston Bingham.

@SidneyCup87 (Jeff) @SidneyCup8771
The #Steelers GOAT! Have always loved @_BigBen7 since that Draft day 16yrs ago when he fell rite into our lap at #11.

“Awesome to see you on the field!” — Adrienne Thorne.

Dylan Shears @dshears23
@_BigBen7 yeah he’s back!!

“We have traveled from CA to PA many times for training camp. Thank you for sharing during a challenging time! We’ll see you next year ❤️🖤💛 — Jennifer Nelson-Beucher.

Okay, so this is only a handful of the hundreds & hundreds of messages on social media, but you get the idea!😁 Go Steelers! Go Big Ben!