We just gave a “Salute” to Sophia’s mom, Natalie on Veterans Day, and now Sophia wants to show off her new Big Ben jersey! (Photo: Dad Stefon)

“This is our son Kash. Then & Now! Steelers fan from birth, like his mom & dad!!” — Mom Jen.

“2-year old Maddie Perry from Senoia, Ga. is a Steeler’s fan just like her Grammy and her Aunt Lexie!” — Aunt Lexie.

Cay & Ella showing off their prized possessions at Steelers training camp.

“Their best memory of all the training camps they have gone to.” — Grandmother Jeanine.

1-year old Jensen and 5-year old Parker after learning they have to try and stay awake until 11:30 on Thanksgiving night if they want to watch their Steelers play the Ravens…ALL four quarters!! (Photo: Mom Julie)

3-year old Wyatt never goes anywhere without “Bend”…except when he drifts off to dreamland! Then poor “Bend” is on his own, or on his back like a turtle! (Photo: Dad Mark)

“This is Teagan! She turned 4 months old on November 1st and she was born a Steelers fan like her mommy (despite her dad liking the nasty Patriots 😖). She watches every game and loves to cheer her team on!” — Mom Taylor.

“My family was in Cleveland last weekend visiting grandparents. We of course watched the Steelers game amidst a bunch of Browns fans. My 10-year old son went for a halftime bike ride with his uncle and had a bad accident. He was riding on a small dirt trick course. He hit a small jump and instead of landing, hiss flew over the handle bars. His face took the impact. We went to the ER. He got 5 stitches in his chin but he also knocked his bottom front teeth loose and chipped 2 teeth. We watched the end of the Steelers game and saw Big Ben throw the winning TD. Then he was ready to get his stitches. We decided to bring him home to get his teeth taken care of. Monday was a long day of dental and orthodontic work. He got braces on his bottom teeth to stabilize and gently move the damaged teeth. He chose black and gold bands!

Luke was tough the whole time. He had recently watched Big Ben’s movies about his surgery and recovery. Luke said ‘Oh man…it’s going to hurt to get these stitches out! Big Ben was even in pain!!’ I told him these stitches were way different!

He has been watching the Steelers his whole life. Mommy and Daddy went to Miami with Big Ben. We are thankful Big Ben is a Christ following role model for our boys.” — Mom Allison.

My name is Jeremy Stenda and this is Sunnie, my niece. We live in Clinton, Iowa and are huge Steeler fans. As you can see, I’m getting Sunnie started early with her Big Ben jersey. I’ve been a die hard Steeler fan since I was a little kid. We love Big Ben and our Steelers! Thanks!!!! (Photo: Mom Elizabeth)

“Zachary Cartagena, age nine. From Fort Worth, Texas but took his terrible towel with him to Navarre Beach, Florida. He wears number 19 when playing football to be like JuJu.” — Dad “BH”.

Rocco as Rocco…and Rocco as Big Ben! Rocco, it’s look good on you! (Photo: Dad Fred)

Like father, like son! EJay and his dad, Jose always dress for success! (Photo: Dad Jose, of course!)