Your 2021 Team Captains!

From Teresa Varley at this afternoon:

They set the example. They lead by their actions, and often by their words. They are an ear to listen when one is needed. A voice to speak out when the moment is right.

They are dependable, on and off the field. They are the ones others watch in practice, in games and even in the locker room.

They are the ones, who quite simply, set the standard.

And that is why they were named the Steelers 2021 team captains.

Steelers’ players voted on Monday for the captains and this year’s team captains are Ben Roethlisberger on offense, Cameron Heyward on defense and Derek Watt on special teams.

Roethlisberger, who is in his 18th season, has been the team’s offensive captain 13 times in his career, including 11consecutive seasons.

Heyward, who is in his 11th season, is a defensive captain for the seventh consecutive year.

This is the first time Watt has been voted the special teams captain, after joining the Steelers in 2020 as an unrestricted free agent and immediately making an impact on the unit.

Congratulations Gentlemen!!