Did Big Ben make the list?

Yes he did! #7 came in at #6!

From Adam Bittner at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today:

011617newsWho are the 10 best Steelers of all time?

The Post-Gazette’s panel of experts has debated it, and now readers get to weigh in on the topic.

Here are the results of a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette poll with some of the comments voters submitted with their ballots.

6. Ben Roethlisberger – QB – 2004-present

“Ben is far and away most obviously the greatest talent the Steelers have had the good fortune to have at quarterback. He rates to rank as number 1 on their all-time list.”

“I think Ben is a great player but I’m just ready to say one of the 10 greatest Steelers ever.”

You can see the rest of the best here.