…but Dad is clearly the issue!

Remember this little cutie-pie named Addison from an August, 2015 post:

Mom is a Steelers fan, dad is…uh…not!

Ryan Kennedy @Ryan_Kennedy22

She was not pleased that I put her in front of @_BigBen7 locker. #Browns #Steelers #NFL #BabyDivided

But as one Steelers fan said on Twitter, if you think she’s unhappy now, wait until she finds out she’s a Browns fan! 😉

Well, we have an update from Dear Old Dad:

Ryan Kennedy @Ryan_Kennedy22
This popped up on my timeline this morning. Good times @_BigBen7
She’s all grown up now and actually coming to watch you play for the first time this Friday. Mom is hopeful that she will wear something black and yellow, dad is…uh…not.

Addison, there’s still time to make the right decision: GO STEELERS!!!

Thanks to Ryan for keeping the rivalry fun!