Ashley and I are proud to let you all know that we are expecting a baby boy later this year! It is truly a blessing and we are so excited! — Ben

Just a sample of the more than 2,000 messages from Steeler Nation this afternoon:

“That’s awesome news! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with Steeler Nation!” — Misty Mills

“Dear Ben and Ashley, what fantastic news – a precious baby boy – how wonderful for you and your families. CONGRATULATIONS! God Bless you!” — Karen Baker

“Congrats to you both! Steeler Nation prays for a healthy happy little one!” — Glen D. Gowland

“That is Awesome! As a mother of two boys…. I am wishing you a Lifetime of Love and Laugh…..many, many laughs!” — Shelly Graffice Mott

“WHOO-hoo!!! Congrats To the both of you. Another member of STEELER NATION is on his way!!” — Dennis Mosqueda

“Congratulations Ben and Ashley, so very happy for you two. They are a gift from God. You are in my prayers for happy, Healthy baby boy.” — Paula K. Dulaney

“Great news!!! Congratulations to both of you! How exciting! God bless you always!” — Mathy Delgadillo

“Congratulations to Ben & Ashley on the news that they are expecting a baby!!! How exciting!!!” — Anita Doddroe

“Congratulations Ben and Ashley! Much happiness to you all!” — Jolene Kolosky

“Congrats to you guys. It sounds cliche, but it’s a life changer and you’ll always look at things a little different. God Bless.” — Brandon Lattanzi

“Congrats to both of you! You two will be great parents!” — Kathie Chambon

“OMG!!! Congrats Ben and Ashley!!!! That’s so awesome!! The #1 Qb in the NFL is having the next #1 Qb in the NFL!!” — Greg Conrad

“Congratulations, possibly a new Steelers quarterback for the future. Steeler Nation welcomes Baby Boy Roethlisberger!!” — Gayle K. Cherry

“You will smile and laugh a million times, and that’s just the first year. Warmest congratulations to both of you!” — John McGinnis

“Congratulations Ben and Ashley!! May he follow in daddy’s NFL footsteps!!” — Amy McGlumphy

“Congratulations to our new future Steeler fan!! Hope all goes wonderful for you both!! See you in August!! GO STEELERS!!” — Barbara W. Lookenott

“OMG…a little No. 7. You both must be thrilled. Congrats to both of you. Enjoy the journey. Life, as you know it, will change forever. The birth of your child will be more amazing than that first Super Bowl ring! Good luck.” — Glenda Trauger Brantner

“Congrats on the Roethlisbaby!” — Melenie Sutton

Congratulations Big Ben and Ashley!! I sure hope when the baby is born that it is wrapped in a terrible towel!! — Debra Harris

“Baby Ben, JR. Congrats. The world can’t have enough Steelers.” — Christopher Cawthern

“Congratulations to you both that’s awesome news! You will be great parents!!” — Karla S. Beauchamp

“Awesome news! Steeler Nation will anxiously await the arrival of Little Ben!” — Michael Bates

“Congrats to Mom and Dad, also to Grandmas and Grandpas.” — TJ Ludwig

“Congrats Ben and Ashley…I’m so happy for you guys…can’t wait till he arrives so he can be a good QB just like you Ben.” — Michael Flowers

“Well Steeler Nation knows who their QB is going to be in about 22 years.” — Jackie Gerring

“Congratulations to the both of you! May you have many wonderful years ahead of you.” — Christiana Tomko

“Congratulations to the parents to be. Baby is a blessing from up above.” — Alma Gaona

“I am so excited for you both!!! God bless!!”— Nettie Thomas

“Awe congrats Ben! My one son is expecting a baby boy in Oct. This will be my 5th grandson boys are great congrats to you and your wife.” — Dianne Ariondo

“Since Tom Brady named his son Ben perhaps Tom Roethlisberger is appropriate? Look forward to seeing the next generation of QB’s battle it out!!! GO STEELERS!” — Tara Jacobucci

“Congratulations to you both… I’m sure that whatever you name him and whatever he chooses to do in life you will both be supportive & proud parents.” — Debbie Devigne

“Congratulations Ben and Ashley on your lil #7!” — Michelle Shumaker

“Yay!!! Congrats!!! So exciting!! Future Steelers quarterback? I think yes!” — Jackie J.Gaydos

“Congrats to you both!! There is no greater feeling, watching your child grow and achieve, because of what you as a father teaches!!” — Barry Miranda

“Awwwww that is sooooo awesome!! Congrats” — Laura Frantz DiMinno

“Congratulations on such a wonderful blessing.” — Charlene Williams

“So happy for you and Ashley. This baby boy will have a great mom and dad!” — Kathi W. Archer

“Congrats Ben and Ashley! Black and gold forever. The future of the franchise in place.” — Robert Gaunt

“Congratulations to Ben and Ashley 🙂 Babies are such a blessing.” — Greg & Billie Jo Yakubik

“Congratulations!!!!! Being a parent is the best thing in the world.” — MaLinda Foster

“Congrats Mommy & Daddy – …NOTH’N better than adding a few “SLEEPLESS NIGHTS” to your SCHEDULE! Lol! *1 NATION* knows what COLOR that lil’ boy will be BORN IN….Lol!” — The Klaiber Krew

*Thank you so much to everyone who sent congratulations today!