Who better to be the Men’s Heath magazine cover model for November, the same month that we celebrate Veterans Day, than U.S. Army veteran Noah Galloway –

“Men’s Health Magazine is looking for someone to put on the cover of November’s issue. It’s a contest where the most votes wins the ‘Guy Search’, and I have just thrown my hat into the ring.” — Noah

Long-time readers of the site know this Warrior, but we thought it would be a good time to introduce him to our newest readers:

On December 19, 2005, Sgt Noah Galloway lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack in Yusafiah, Iraq. He was quickly transported to Germany to receive medical treatment and was unconscious for five days. Noah woke up late in the evening on Christmas Eve to find out he had lost two of his limbs, and had also sustained several injuries to his remaining leg and his jaw. He was then transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C where he began his long road to recovery.

Since then – he has been non-stop! Noah travels around the country to participate in races, challenges, tough mudders, and other extremely challenging events. He also completed the Marine Corp Marathon.

In March of 2012, Noah had just completed the White Sands Missile Range 23rd Annual Bataan Memorial Death March in New Mexico. On his way home from this grueling “event” while waiting for his flight at the airport, he was approached by a tall man who looked surprisingly like Big Ben – and a friendship was born:


Not only was he a special guest at Steelers training camp last summer, but he even helped Shear Da Beard this past winter!

“Thank you for all the ongoing support. Ever since the first time I was on Ben’s site I have gotten numerous new fans on my Facebook page and kind messages from a lot of them. I have been shown so much love from Steeler Nation and thankful for all of it.” — Noah

Steeler Nation, let’s keep Noah in FIRST PLACE for the next month and a half for this Men’s Health cover contest! Cast your votes here!

According to the contest rules a vote for “Physically Fit” carries the most weight, so keep that in mind when you vote!

Oh, and you can try and keep up with him on both Facebook & Twitter…but fair warning – it can be exhausting!