Ben stopped for an interview with the KDKA Morning News team when they checked in at Latrobe this week…

And the first thing that Larry Richart and John Shumway asked about were the little Roethlisbergers:

080814“Baylee is doing good, so is Benjamin. He’s being a good big brother – most of the time. Every once in awhile he gets a little jealous, but he’s good…He doesn’t slow down, we’re working on not running so much. Every day is something new – a new word, a new facial expression, whatever it is it’s just a joy to see.”

Ben talked about Steelers great Joe Greene, Coach LeBeau’s stories, their first Ravens game in Week 2, and how he is looking forward to this weekend’s upcoming game against the Giants:

“The guys get tired of hitting each other and it’s always fun to put the pads on and put the jersey on. For a guy like me, that’s been doing it for a while now, it never gets old putting that Steelers uniform on and for some of the young guys, it’s probably a dream come true.”

You can listen to audio of his interview, as well as catch interviews with Ike Taylor and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert all right here.

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