In case you missed Ben’s 7:45am phone-in interview this morning with Mike Golic and Trey Wingo, who was sitting in for Mike Greenberg, here are just a few highlights from the almost 7-minute chat:

On the status of his sprained foot –

Ben: “It’s doing better – no setbacks from the game, so we’re slowly getting better and I’d like to give our trainers and doctors some airtime and credit because they’ve been working hard at getting me better.”

On the atmosphere at Heinz Field –

Ben: “As an NFL team, you want to say that there shouldn’t be any difference between playing on the road or playing at home. Well, when you’re playing at home there’s definitely a good feeling when you’re there, and you can use the snap count…there’s just a comfort level about being at home, and I think that helped us.”

On people “writing off” the team after their first loss –

Ben: “Everyone knows that has played in this league long enough that it’s about when you get hot, and you want to get hot late in the year. You want to be playing your best football late in the year as you’re getting ready to enter the playoffs. So I think in one way, that helps us because we know that, okay, we lost that first game in Baltimore and everyone – around the league and the fans – are like, “Oh my goodness, the season’s over!”…we just kind of chuckled at it because we knew it was early in the year. We’re 3-2 right now and we know it’s still about when you get hot and if we can just put together some solid football and get wins and get to the point where it’s late in the year and we’re playing good football that’s what it’s all about.”

With Mike Golic laughing, Trey Wingo asks Ben if throwing five touchdowns is how he wants to win games, how the Steelers want to win games…or does he want to win by getting back to the efficiency of their running game –

Ben: “Heck no! I want to throw five touchdowns every week! (laughs). No…we’ll take wins any way we can get them…we just want to win football games. That’s what makes us who we are….we want to play great defense, we want to be a good offense too. We want people to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers offense as well.”

You can listen to the podcast of the full interview here.

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