Excerpt from Part I of Ben’s interview with KDKA‘s Bob Pompeani, shown this evening during the station’s 6:00 pm broadcast:

Mr. Pompeani: “Twitter – very popular thing these days, but I notice you don’t Twitter. First of all, why not?”

Ben: “I’m sure it’s great for some players. That’s how they want to connect to their fans and stuff, but I think it’s an opportunity for you to get in a lot of trouble because it’s right at the palm of your fingers. In a time of passion, in time of emotion and not thinking, you could say whatever you want and you can’t take it back. The second you hit send or however it works, the whole world knows about it and I think that’s very dangerous, and I also think that in an athlete’s life and in a person’s life of celebrity status or whatever, you’re looking for your privacy. I don’t understand how people complain about their privacy, but yet, they’re tweeting what they’re eating and what they’re doing, so it’s just kind of counterproductive if you ask me.”

You can read more from his interview here.

You can watch video of his interview here.

Note: Part II of the interview can be seen Friday evening during KDKA’s 6:00 pm news telecast.

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