…were this year’s guest captains during the U.S. Open’s Media Day.

“For the third time since 1994, Oakmont Country Club will host the U.S. Open, an event that was kicked off this year by two of the most beloved Steelers of all-time in Big Ben and Bettis.” — Bryan DeArdo, 247 Sports.

USGA asked, “What’s more intimidating: Playing in the NFL or stepping to the tee at Oakmont?”

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From KDKA this evening:

Roethlisberger said he beat Bettis out there on Monday, but still walked off the course knowing what the pro golfers are in store for in two months.

“I think it depends on what they do with the rough. The greens today, they were very firm. They weren’t real fast to putt, but they were very firm and it was hard to hold shots,” said Ben Roethlisberger. “So, I don’t know, it think it depends on if the USGA wants the plus to win or if they want the low scores. They can do whatever they want out here, it’s pretty dangerous.”

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