…before the team left New Jersey last night:

Walking out of the stadium tonight, no fans left, just a beautiful night, made me think a lot about all our troops here in the U.S. and around the world that fight every day so we can play a crazy game called football.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, it’s all of you that make it possible for us to play football. I hope that whether you’re a Steelers fan or not, we make you half as happy watching us play as we do playing!

Thank you all again so much, our thoughts and prayers are with you all! — Ben

(Photo of a quiet MetLife Stadium in New Jersey taken by Ben just before the team left for the airport)

To the fans that are active military or veterans…

Submit your Steelers fan photos to us this week, and be a part of our Steelers Veterans Day Weekend post!

We’ll add the photo(s) to Ben’s Salute to our Military album, along with any message you’d like to share with Ben and Steeler Nation.

The album is already growing with photos sent from our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, those stationed in South Korea, and closer to home here in the U.S.! We’d like it to grow even more!

One photo will be selected to highlight our Veterans Day post here on the home page next weekend.

Send your photo(s) to BigBen7website@gmail.com