CONTEST UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Shelby Morris from Salisbury, MD. She was our 302nd emailer!

Today is Ben’s 30th birthday and one lucky fan will receive a gift from him!

To celebrate…

The 302nd emailer (3/02 – today’s date) will receive an autographed game-used black and white Nike cleat from Ben that was worn late in the 2011 season! It’s that easy! No quiz to take, no caption to think up, no questions to answer…just be the right emailer!

However, before you email, please follow these two rules:

1. Emails for the contest WILL NOT be accepted until 12 NOON ET and after (this gives fans in different time zones a chance to participate).

2. Please, just one email per email address only (subsequent emails from the same address will be discounted).

Send emails to:

*Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, and those that sent birthday wishes!


Just a few of the many Birthday Wishes received today for #7:

“Good morning Mr. Roethlisberger, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thank you for all that you do for Steeler Nation. I’m a huge fan and love to watch you play every day I can in San Diego. I hope that you have a blessed day today. Steelers forever.” — T.J. Goodman, 2ndLt USMC

“Happy Birthday Big Ben!! I will always love you…lol” — Tiffany Mike

“Ben, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a relaxing birthday, Enjoy. One of your biggest Fans!” — Kathie Haber

“I’ve known Ben since 5th grade, he’s always been a competitor and a winner. Happy Birthday man!” — Rich Slack

“May you enjoy many more….and many more years as the Steelers’ #1 QB!”— Vicki Rizzo, St. Charles, MO

“HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY BEN!!!!! Hope you have a AMAZING day.” — Christi Githens

“Happy 30th, my wife and I just turned 30 this year and we are huge Steeler fans. Wishing you the best!” — Cheers, Jacob Court

“Have a great birthday Ben! 30’s are much better than 20’s. The wisdom is with worth all the gray hair that shows up.” — The Czech Family

“Happy 30th Birthday Ben! I hope you have an awesome day.” — Jill Ollier

“Hi Ben, Just wanted to wish you a Happy 30th Birthday!! Have a wonderful day!” — Morgan Hoover

“Happy Birthday to Big Ben from the entire Ahaus family, all the way down to our little Ben named after you!” — Mary, Jason, Caroline and Ben Ahaus

“Ben: Happy b-day, hope you enjoy this day with the people you love and have a great celebration. Enviado desde mi tostador.” — Hector Hernandez

“Happy 30th Birthday to the Best Quarterback in the NFL.” — Christina Githens

“Hello Ben! Happy Birthday! I am a huge fan of the Steelers, always watch the games since you started playing. Thank you from all the exciting Sundays. I am turning 30 myself in two months, so the whole ‘I wish I can be like you when I grow up’ is completely out of line, but I definitely can say I love your attitude on the field, from where I’ve learned that you have to try to make it work, even if that means getting beat up from time to time. Anyways, have a good one today, and see you again in September! Best of luck this coming season.” — Marcela Vargas, San José, Costa Rica

“Happy Birthday to our Warrior In Chief, love the way you play the game!” — Jeanette Stansbury

“Hi Erin, Hope you are having a great day! Here’s me sending my Birthday Wishes to Ben.” — Sarah Swenson

“Hey Ben, Happy Birthday! Your absolute #1 fan! Black and gold for life fan!” — Rick Gould

“Hope you have the best birthday ever! Steeler Nation LOVES you! I know I do. You’re my favorite Steeler because you play with all heart and determination. #7 forever!” — Amanda Lurz

“Sending you the best ‘Happy Birthday Wishes Ben’. May you have a blessed and fun-filled day.” — Denise Van Cleave, Colfax, Iowa

“Ben, Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your day and have a great year!! You are awesome!!” — Love ya, Jill Platt

“Big Ben cant wait for this year ! Gonna be exciting to see what the new look offense does! Good luck. Go Black & Gold” — Joey Felton

“Hi Ben, Wishing you all the best on your special day today. I trust you and Ashley have wonderful plans to celebrate the “Big 30″ milestone. ENJOY!” — Warmest wishes, Karen Baker, Wheeling, WV

“Happy Birthday Ben! You are my favorite person to share a birthday with! I hope you have an amazing day!” — Becky Oratto

“Happy Birthday #7! March is the best month because my birthday is in 10 days!” — Amy Stuchal

“HAPPY B-DAY, BIG FELLA. ENJOY the BIG 3-0! May a WISH come TRUE!” — THE KREW & KENNADY 2…365: 24/7!!

“Wow Ben, 30 already? Hard to believe, seems just yesterday you were a bright-eyed rookie. Hope you have a wonderful day!” — Diana Martinez

“Happy Birthday Big Ben!!”— From The Hancock Family

“Happy Birthday Ben. I hope today is filled with happiness, joy, love and many blessings. Remember that with God you can never fail at anything you do. Once again Happy 30th Birthday.” — Rita M. Hailey

“Hi Ben! Happy Birthday to the best QB in the league. Admire you on and off the field. Hope your having a great day!” — Gloria McCreary, Johnstown, PA

“Happy Birthday Big Ben! STAND ALONE, CANNOT BE DIVIDED, THE ONE, THE ONLY, BIG BEN!” — Marlene Ramirez

“Happy 30th B-day Ben! Hope you are doing something special/fun for your b-day. The pic on your website is absolutely adorable! You have the same smile as when you were a baby – I’m a mom and I guess we look at those kinds of things. Looking forward to watching you play this upcoming season. Hope to get back for summer camp too!” — Amy Rimer. Arizona

“Happy 30th birthday to my favorite QB of all time!!! Have a wonderful day Ben! You deserve it!!!” — Nicole Ciufo

“Ben – From the Steeler Nation – Happy Birthday!! May your year be filled with surprising windfalls and warmth.” — Doug Foster

“Happy Birthday to my favorite quarterback in the NFL I adore u and admire u as well!!! Hope it’s the best ever!!!!” — Chyvon Fritchman

“Ben – wishing you a wonderful 30th birthday. May your next decade be as incredible as the last one!” — Love and warmest wishes, Maria in New Jersey

“Just wanted to wish Ben a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a great day and an even greater next football season! I can’t believe your already the big 3-0! Time flies so fast! Happy Birthday again, love you.” — Maddie Mulinaro

“We would like to wish Big Ben A Very Happy 30TH Birthday!!!! And tell him we are sorry about Hines Ward being cut. We love our Steelers. Good Luck in the new the season. From your die hard Steelers fans in Fort Worth, Texas!” — The Rodriguez Family

“Happy Birthday Ben!!! I will pick you to lead my team no matter what! So glad you’re a Steeler! I’m looking forward to the 2012 season and bringing another Lombardi back to Pittsburgh where it belongs! I hope you have a fantastic day and take care! — P.S. You don’t look a day over 25!” — Krista Sirk

“I hope you have a very happy birthday. Thank you for all you do for my beloved Steelers.” — Judy Porter from Cameron, WV

“Can his birthday be a national holiday? I’m not even asking for the whole day off, just a half day–let me sleep in to celebrate the birth of one of the best (and cutest, sorry had to throw that in) quarterbacks in the NFL! Hope you have a good Ben’s Birthday Day! And a good weekend!” — Jennifer, Colorado Springs, CO

*You can add your own birthday wishes to Ben on the website’s Facebook page or the Twitter page (Ben does not have a personal Facebook or Twitter page).