Yippee!!! Look who’s 3!!!

I sure had a crazy-busy time since my last birthday: picking out a Christmas tree, Baylee’s first Christmas, hanging out with Aunt Carlee, going to see Sesame Street Live with Mom and Dad, and sitting still long enough for my first hair cut…and that was just during the winter months!

Spring was all about being with my family at the beach, then it was Dad’s football camp and golf tournament in June, going to Idlewild Park with Baylee and my cousins in August, rootin’ for the Steelers and having lots of fun at a carnival in September…oh, and all that waving to my many fans while showing off my moves on stage at the Steelers Fashion Show. And finally, a GREAT time on Halloween with Baylee and Hercules!

Oh gosh! I almost forgot! I also learned the months of the year this year!

Whew! I can only imagine how busy THIS year is going to be now that I’m 3!! I hope you’ll be along for the ride once again, Steeler Nation! — Benjamin, Jr.