From guitar lessons to “Ben the Bear” adventures….this Dad makes all things FUN! So thankful to have a Dad who loves us as much as you do. BIG kisses for Dad. We love you!!! XOXOXOXOXO — Benjamin, Baylee & Bodie.

Ben is taking them on an adventure. He makes up these pretend stories and they go on adventures around the house where they have to sneak through forests and cross crocodile infested rivers…in this photo, Benjamin is cautiously heading down the stairs to check and see if the coast is clear! It’s a very intense and scary moment in this particular adventure! lol! — Ashley.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. And a very Special HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to our Pops and Pappy! We love you so much!!!! — Benjamin, Baylee & Bodie.