…since Ben shared his testimony with a packed audience at the Ignite Men’s Conference at Liberty University in Charlottesville, VA – and his message is still touching the hearts of those that were in attendance, and even those who watched video of his appearance (courtesy of Nick Bonnett):

“I was privileged to attend the Ignite Men’s Conference at Liberty University that Ben was speaking at. I’m a huge Ben fan, and was very interested to hear his story of redemption, and his faith journey.

Ben didn’t disappoint. He was humble, stayed true to himself, admitted his imperfections, and asked for us in attendance (close to 10,000 other men), to commit to pray for him. Ben’s testimony was powerful, and authentic. He shared with us that he daily seeks the Lord for help and guidance.

I’m so encouraged that Ben has begun to use his platform to show others what God has done in his life. Thank you Ben for sharing and encouraging so many with your testimony!” — Nick Bonnett – Glen Allen, VA.

“I don’t know if you ever pass things along to Ben or not, but after watching his testimony at the Ignite Conference this past weekend I felt like I needed to email and thank him.

We’re from Illinois, but we’re huge Steelers fans and Ben has always been our favorite. When my (now 8 year old) daughter was 2 she would walk around saying “Go Big Ben Roethlisberger!”, and even though she’s legally blind she can always pick out #7 when there’s a game on!

Before seeing those videos, I hadn’t heard Ben talk about his faith, but I’ve told my husband many times that I thought he was a Christian. He acted and carried himself differently than other athletes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated hearing his testimony and his willingness to use his platform for the Lord!

In short I guess I just wanted to say, you did good, Ben! But you’ve been doing a great job of being in the world and not of it for a long time now. We’re proud to wear #7 in this house!

Wishing you and your family all the best!” — Lisa Bowker.

“This past weekend Ben did a great job giving his testimony about how he came to know Christ as his savior, at the Men’s Ignite weekend. As a husband, father of seven and now grandfather of six, Ben is a true example to point my family and others to as the power of God’s redeeming grace.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, as were my two bothers and sister. All of us have black and gold running in us today, but the biggest difference is that I am the only one in the family that knows Christ. My parents are now in their 80’s, but still have the Terrible Towel on the TV before every game, but still do not know Christ. I say all this because Ben’s testimony would be a great witness to them. They respect him as a football player, and hearing him speak could have an impact on them. Also as a coach, his testimony could be used to reach kids.” — Eric Thompson.

“Thanks for sharing your testimony, I was there and was moved by your sincerity and openness. I have been praying for you and really hope I get to cheer for you playing next year.” — Chris Stein.

“I was at Impact over the weekend. Grew up in the Pittsburgh area and live near Lynchburg. I’ve been to several of these events and you did a great job. Praying for you and it’s great you are acting on the realization that God has given you platform to make a difference in other people’s lives. Keep it up.” — Brian Heft.

“Big Ben, your testimony at Liberty this past weekend had me in tears (watched it via a FB link)! I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who lives outside Philadelphia, and have watched you grow and mature over the years, and must say, you nailed it – Faith, Family then Football. I too was broken in life many years ago, we grow up, others make us feel better and we move from beyond our crippling past, but only our good Lord and Savior has us in the palm of his hands.” — Lynne M. Stull.

*Again, thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts with us!