Last week, we shared a wonderful story with you about a young man named Alex Bentley, who lives in a “house divided” – 13-year old Alex is a huge Steelers fan, his father Trevor is a life-long Bengals fan:

“I thought I would share this with Ben even though I am a diehard Bengals Fan!

My son somehow was converted to a Steelers lover by a grade school teacher and it has caused us great pain!

Living in Oxford, Ohio most of our life I still cannot support a Steeler even though we watched Ben develop as he played behind our house! My son on the other hand, believes that Ben is the greatest quarterback ever and when asked where he wanted to go for vacation this year he quickly said “Findlay, Ohio”!

I have tried to take him to the doctor and have this illness removed from him so that we can be an undivided home of Cincinnati Bengals, but I have run out of energy! He has even gone as far as making the great Bengal Icky Woods sign a Steelers key chain that my son donated to his foundation. I am not expecting anything, in fact it is difficult enough allowing these ugly colors in my home already, but just tell him that Alex Bentley loves him!” – Trevor Bentley.

But Ben wanted to add a little more Black & Gold to the Bentley’s home decor, so he played Santa Claus and sent Alex a game-used autographed Nike shoe that just happened to arrive on Christmas Eve, much to Alex’s delight.

Since then, Alex has been making waves (and the airwaves) deep in Bengals territory.

Well, we have an update to share this evening on Alex, courtesy of both Ben and Trevor –

Ben sent a personal video message to Alex this afternoon:

And this evening…

Trevor shared a video of his own – his son’s reaction to Ben’s video:

“Surprised him in the sanctuary on the big screens and it was awesome! Thank you so much Ben for making my son scream with joy. Even though the game was a terrible let down I can’t explain the joy I feel inside. Seeing him light up is what I live for, and if it means supporting the Steelers on certain occasions to make him smile – then ‘Go Steelers!'” — Trevor

Once again, Go Alex!!! Go Steelers!!!