…have been pouring in via email and the website’s Facebook page for Ben and his team. Here are a just a sample of the many received:

“There isn’t a Quarterback in the NFL that would have played injured like you have been Ben! You’re one of a kind and that is why the Steelers are America’s Team.” — Margaret Swartz-Wolfe

“Thank you to the whole team for fighting like the tigers even with all your injuries. You never gave up and there is no QB like you Ben. You fought hard. Steelers, you showed them til the end they have to fear you guys. Proud of you guys. Go Steelers!!!” — Mohamed Abdul

“Get well Ben, thanks for a great season. In good times or bad times Steelers, simply the best!!!” — Alejandro Escutia-Navarro, Mexico City, Mexico

“Tough game Ben…like you said we will be great and there is alot more football to come! Rest up and get well. Your going to be so busy with the team and getting ready for the fall. Keep styling too…you looked so adorable and handsome in that suit and hat! That is the memory I will keep in my mind from this season! No numbers wins or rings can match your heart!!! I am so proud of you. We love you and wish you all the love your heart can hold…Go on a honeymoon now!!!! Enjoy life….it will soon be August!!!” — Love, your Utah fan Mary Rafail and family

“Ben good job I’m proud of you guys, now what am I to do? Can’t wait to see you next season. STEELER 4 LIFE!!” — Pamela Scullark

“Ben!!! We are very proud of you & your hard work! Steelers’ players are the best! Whatever we lose or win, we’ll always love our team, always support & always be there rain or shine! We ♥ our Big Ben!” — Pwint Aung, Charleston, WV

“Wouldn’t replace you for anyone – not Brady, Manning, Rodgers, or Brees. None of ’em got the toughness you do. None of them care about their team as much as you do. You’re a beast Ben. Take us to the Super Bowl next year.” — Tyler L. Swaggin

“Thank you for an amazing season! You are a warrior and nobody can play like you can and also playing through pain! Get healthy and see you at training camp! Always a fan…through wins and losses! Steeler Nation loves you guys!” — Misty Mills, MD

“You did an amazing job. Next year will be the year for the 7th trophy. Rest up, get healthy and enjoy the off season. Thanks for the 12-4 season!” — Heather Hallas

“Steelers country whether its a win or lose! Black and Gold til’ death! Get some rest back home and next season will be much better!” — Mike Smith, North Carolina

“Great Season Ben and the rest of the Steelers! You showed why you are our franchise QB. Broke my heart to watch you play on that sprained ankle but you are a warrior and the BEST! Thanks for a great season and we’ll get em next year!!” — Karla Beauchamp

“Thanks Ben for a great year. Go home and get well.” — Susan Rudman

“Thanks guys for a great season! Get some much needed rest ~ heal up ~ ya’ll will be good as new come next season. Take care, stay close (( hugs )) love one another.” — Kimberly J. Rockey, PA

“Thank you for a heroic season. A part of me is relieved you won’t be out there in pain. Heal up and enjoy Hawaii. Love my Steelers always.” — Deborah McCabe, Bronx, NY

“You are one tough quarterback! Good job Big Ben, keep your head up next season. Make them pay, I believe you can win more Super Bowls. Lets get it done.” — Elias Vela

“To Ben and all the guys….I know you all are very disappointed but as always, I am proud to be a Steelers gal With all the injuries and Ben playing in OBVIOUS PAIN, you guys played one heck of a game coming back from being down 20-6 and going into OT. You guys get some much needed and desrved rest and here’s to next season….LOVE MY STEELERS!!” — Tina Cain Stamper

“So, our road to the Super Bowl was cut short today by the first play in OT with one amazing, unbelievable and stunning 80 yd touchdown pass. I’m proud to be a Steelers fan as we do the dance into the playoffs more often then not. Kudos to our quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for the amazing effort he’s shown all season, for bringing our team back from a 14 pt deficit during this game and tying it up. With all the injuries this year, and losing two key players in tonight’s game, my hat is off to the backups on our team who did far better then most teams would. I applaud the never give up attitude and determination of my team and can’t wait for next season! Go Steelers!!” — Beth Stokes

“Hey Ben, get healthy and healed! Hopefully, come April you will have a few more linemen to protect you! Thanks for a gutsy season!” — Johnny Anderson

“Bless you Ben! I had my #7 shirt on today, you are a great QB and all you guys played a great game! You have everything to be proud of this season. Proud to be a Steelers fan, win or lose!! GO STEELERS!!” — Patricia McCardell, Chambersburg, PA

“As Always Ben you make Steeler Nation Proud !!! Have a great off season….Heal that ankle and the Steelers will be back next season. God Bless.” — Juanita Tondy, Girard, OH

“Win or lose Steeler Nation is always proud of our Steelers!! We bleed black and gold day in and day out!! We had a great season!! Thank you for a wonderful season and there is no other QB I would want to lead this team!! You one tough, elite, and successful QB!! Can not wait until next season!! Get healthy and rest up so we can make another run at the Lombardi next year!! It will be ours next year!! Go Steelers!! Love ya # 7 and the Steelers!!” — Michelle DeGore, Pittsburgh

“Thanks for a great season!!!!! Get healthy and rest up for next year!!! Your awesome QB!!!!! WIN OR LOSE~WE ARE STEELERS NATION!!! LOVE YA ALL THE WAY!!!! GO STEELERS!!” — Michelle Dratch

“Great job Ben, you did great this whole season! get healthy and ready for next season!” — Brady Norgard

“BLACK N GOLDER no matter what! We will be there again next year!” — Arnold Knight

“I’m proud of the Steelers no matter what! Love you guys!” — Erin Burkey

“Ben, you played hard & gave it all you had. Steeler Nation is so proud of you. I wouldn’t want any other QB leading our team! With time to heal, a regular off season & plenty of practice the sky’s the limit for next season. I wish for you & Ashley a wonderful off season with time together!” — Anita Doddroe, PA

“Always and forever a fan!! Thank you for an awesome season! You are truly amazing! Please take time for you and get healthy! Can’t wait for next season!” — Karen Marie

“Great comeback in tonight’s game. Looking forward to next season!!!” — Linnea Bayer

“Thank you for your toughness and your grit Ben, Get better and come back better than ever next year. You are my favorite player, ever since your rookie year you have just amazed me with your clutch play. Thank you for all the memories, looking forward to a lot more!” — Joseph C. Carreon, Mansfield, PA

“There is no other QB I rather have on my team your guts and toughness are unquestioned get that ankle healthy for 2012 you define what a Pittsburgh Steeler is all about.Here We Go!!” — Anthony Cantarella

“Enjoy Hawaii you totally deserve it…I promise you…thank you. Thank you Big Ben with all our heart…from the west coast.” — Janette Gutierrez, Lake Elsinore, California

“Ben, I’m always proud of you as my QB but these last 2 years, you really showed what you were made of. I feel your pain, literally because I have the same type of ankle injury as you do but on the opposite leg, so I was rooting for you harder today than usual and cringed every time you had to run or got hit. I can honestly say that there is no QB I’d rather have under center than #7 for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rest up and heal, and we’ll be back, next year.” — Paul Burton

“Get healthy, Ben! Thanks for always giving it your all!!” — Tom Callery

“Thank you Ben for an amazing season. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is no QB in the NFL that I would rather have than number 7. Can’t wait until he helps us get that other number 7 next year.” — Mike Grosso

“God Bless Ben, what a TROOPER!! We are one nation, blessed to have Big Ben. Until Next Year!! Here WE Go Steelers.. Here We Go!!” — Darcie Sinclair

“Nothing will change my support and passion for the Steelers. However, I was disappointed by the way we came out. The Broncos were more aggressive and made fewer mistakes. That being said, Ben once again showed his grit and determination by playing through pain and limited mobility. Ben’s toughness is remarkable. Next year!” — Don Woodring

“I will always be proud to be a Steelers Fan and proud that you are our Quarterback!…Thank you for being the toughest Quarterback out there and playing throw all the injuries to lead the Steelers throughout this season! Thank you for a great season Ben! Heal up and Enjoy the Trip to the Pro Bowl!” — Tiffany Rodriguez

“You are the bomb, please take care of yourself, I hope you know just how much you are appreciated by all of the STEELERS family, and I am proud to be a part of such family…Thank you so much for all you have done, it was an intense game, and we are all proud of you and the STEELERS, best wishes on a speedy recovery!” — Kim Oney, New Carlisle, OH

“Thanks for a great season !!! Get well and come back fighting!” — Karen Linder

“Please thank Ben for all of Steeler Nation. Get healthy Ben and see you in training camp! Thanks for giving us a great season!” — Susan Lucia

“I’ve been a fan ever since I can remember and I always remember when the Steelers picked Ben in the draft and from that moment on I knew he was going to be a huge star when he took over as quarterback for this team. This year just proved just how strong and tough you are, as you played through games with your ankle not at its best, and toughed it out and stuck with the team through the tough games….You are such a warrior and the way that you brought us back from a deficit of 20-6 and tied it up and to go into overtime was amazing! You are a true Steeler and never gave up! You are a true CHAMPION in my eyes, and I’m sure to a lot of others! Cannot wait for next season when you are even more strong and healthy, and just rest up and get ready for next season!” — Audra Krenn, McDonald, PA

“GOD Bless my Steelers. It was a good run. We will be back next year. Stay healthy Ben. GOD bless.” — Walter W. Shan, Jr., Jamaica Estates, NY

“Ben, Thank you to you and the team mates for the success, sacrifies and stresses you all went through this season. Regardless of the outcome yesterday, I’m proud of you, this team and to consider myself a Steelers fan. “Stick to the fight…”, relax, rest, get healthy, be safe and we will see you again in August.” — Jennifer, Colorado Springs

“Be humbled and move forward. Heal up and come back stronger. Today’s game doesn’t erase your season. You were KILLER.” — Denise Blanton

“Thanks for fighting through the pain & always giving your best effort, there’s no other QB we’d rather go to war with!” — Jeanette Stansbury

“Ben..been rocking the black and gold for 24 years. I knew when I saw you in 2004, and they way you took Brady and NE down, you were gonna be something special for our team. I am so proud to have you as our QB. Win or lose, the Nation always has your back! Heal and get well and the Nation will be cheering for you at the Pro Bowl!” — Jen Shaffer-Wagerman

“Much love Brother, much love. The way that you played tonight, hurt and all, just goes to show you what a great guy that you are. Steeler Nation for life!” — Kathy C. Williams

“Ben, you are still the best! The Steelers will always be number one, win or loss. It breaks my heart losing but we got 6 and they don’t… Take care Ben! Much love!” — Justin Aultz, Gleason, Tennessee

“Win, lose, or tie…Steeler fan till I die!! I love the team and all of the players!! Ben is an awesome QB and team leader!!” — Sallyann Martin

“I have been a Steeler fan my whole life and a Ben fan from the day you set foot on the field. You have given your heart and soul for the sport and team we all love. Thank You!! Now it is time for you to heal and rest and get ready for 2012! Love the black and gold!” — Lisa Ingram

“Thank you Ben, for being the leader you are! I know anything less than a win you’re not proud of, but you stuck it out and played hurt. You are truly a warrior. Please take care of yourself, get well, get healed and we’ll see you out there next year! God bless! hugs!” — Janet Turner

“To Ben and the Steelers team: Losing is not something to be ashamed of-simply something you try to avoid. And when you can’t you realize that there is tomorrow-although today certainly sucks. Fair-weather fans will find fault, true fans will appreciate the great season you had and be proud you wear the black and gold. Please share our pride in the team. You guys were awesome and nothing is better than knowing that, as a Steeler, you will be back. Thank you for allowing me, as a fan, to celebrate the good and share the bad. You are awesome. God Bless.” — Beverly Hulick, Fort Worth, Texas

“Ben, what you showed us this season is simply amazing! As far as I am concerned you ARE what a Steeler should be! I am so very thankful and I appreciate your toughness and dedication! GO STEELERS!!! See you next year!” — Gina McCall

“Ben you played so hard tonight and did everything you could to help us. You brought us back from a 23-6 deficit and for that I’m so proud of you. You never gave up. You played through the pain, scrambled to extend plays and played like the champion you are. You always inspire me. Rest up, enjoy the off season with Ashley and get that ankle better.” — Hollie Horn

“Thank you for a great season! You are a warrior. Ignore the naysayers, you are the best. No tougher QB in the NFL. Not Brady, Manning, Brees or Rodgers could do what you did this season. It was a tough fight and a tough loss but the loyal members of Steeler Nation will always love you.” — From Boss Steeler Chick’s Steelers Facebook fan page

“Keep your head held high man, you left it all out on the field today! Strongest S.O.B in the NFL. You’re still the best QB in my eyes, Ben. Much love to Steelers nation we will get then next season. Kick some NFC butt in the Pro Bowl.” — Bryan Powell

“Just wanted to thank you and the entire Steeler organization for a wonderful season!” — Mary Bellisario

“Ben, no matter what anyone says you played amazing tonight. The fact that you got the score from 6-23 and.tied it was amazing. You have so many proud fans and that’s whats important. This was a great season and i’m proud of the steelers. Now just get that ankle healed and come out ready to go next season!” — Nikki Shultz

“Ben, you are by far the toughest player in the NFL and I will allways be there for the Steelers, win or lose! We wil get ’em next year.” — Christopher Shaw

“I wish that every football player played with as much heart as you do. I’ve been your fan since the beginning. Great season Ben!” — Shellie Silvester, Jacksonville, NC

“Thanks for a great season Ben! You guys pulled out some tough wins even with all the injuries. Great last game of the season too, had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys healing up and coming back stronger then ever next season. Steeler nation never dies!” — Nick Greco

“Get better! Let Ashley take care of you. I know she can do it, she was a good student plus went to a good school! Steeler Nation loves you and the whole team! We’ll get them next year!” — Karen Price

“I still love you Ben!! Keep your head up and take this time to get healthy!! You were really sharp on that post-game interview. You looked like new money with that hat on!! LOL” — Melissa Robinson-Ellis, Hope Mills, NC

“Not a big loss Ben! Great try….Now, heal that ankle!” — Mary Margaret Trush-Rice

“You all played with great heart…rest up and come back even stronger next year. I love my Black and Gold boys. You’re the best!” — Judy Dickens

“Great job and great comeback. A win just wasn’t meant to be tonight. Thanks for a great year.” — Gina Picarelli, PA

“Ben you are amazing! Thanks for all you do! So proud and honored to have you as our quarterback! You are such an amazing and wonderful person and player. You play with you heart and soul each and every game! You are one of a kind! Look forward to seeing you next season! On count down till we get to see you again! Thanks for another amazing season! Keep up the good work! Hope that you are able to get that ankle healed up. Take care and enjoy your off time with Ashley! Much love to you both. I love number 7! Love ya Ben” — Jamie Lynn Walls

“Hell of a game, Ben!!! Wish it could’ve turned out differently but…Will look forward to next year and all the wins!!! Get yourself healed and look ahead to next season!!! Love watching you guys…Have for a very long time!!! Steeler Fan for Life here!!! Thanks for an exciting year!!!” — Toni Kinney-Matney

“One of the things I have always loved most about the Steelers is that they are a family and always support each other through everything. They don’t go around blaming everyone. It was a tough way to end the season, but I will always support Ben and the Steelers!!!” — Amanda Wolfe, Fairmont City, PA

“No worries Ben, you looked great out there. You played a good game right along with the whole time. Get better and there is always next year for stairway to seven. One day it will happen. I got faith in you. Thanks for the great season.” — Lacy Eberhart

“Ben, I’ve been your fan since 8 years ago when you became our QB! You have shown us fans, the Steeler Organization and everyone else what hard work, dedication and integrity stand for. Thanks for making Steeler Football so great to watch! Cant wait till next year! You have mad us all so proud in Steeler Nation!” — Lori Martin

“Tough loss, but we’re still so proud! Steel Curtain! Love you guys so much, enjoy the break during the off season, and get better!!” — Rachel Malley, Columbus, OH

“The fact that you tied the game on one leg said a lot. Imagine the damage that could’ve been done if both ankles were healthy” — Michael Coronado

“So impressed with the 4th quarter drives by Ben and the O! And the great stops by the D! Can’t wait for next season!” — Brandon Engle, Shippensburg, PA

“No worries Ben, just get better, heal that ankle and come back next year for the Lombardi!” — Jackie Gerring, CA

“I know a lot of people love those close games and think they are the best. I don’t like them even when we win. However, I love my Steelers and always will! Thanks for playing with all your heart!” — Marilee Perkins

“It’s okay Ben. You are so tough. Proud of you and all my Steelers.” — Renee Williams

“Thanks for a great season, Ben! Now rest up, heal up, and enjoy some well-deserved personal time with your lovely wife! We love you and we’ll see you at Training Camp ’12!” — Charlene Bigelow

“Ben, Please let the team know that we are VERY PROUD of our Steelers !! You guys played tough and against MANY obstacles …. We know that the Steelers will be back NEXT YEAR … better than ever !! GO STEELERS!” — Cheryl Pollack

“Still love Ben and the Steelers with all my heart! It just wasn’t meant to be!” — Suzanne Wendolski

“Thank you Ben for a great season. See you in Latrobe at St. Vincent College in July. Win, lose or draw – I love my Pittsburgh Steelers. Go Steelers.” — Giuseppe Caminiti, MD

“OK, time to build. I hope that you get some of the rest, you deserve it and I hope that you heal quickly. Looking for a healthy team come the end of the summer. Congrats on a 12-4 season.” — Bry Crump

“Thanks for a great season Ben!! I hope you feel better soon!! Looking forward to see you and the team play again next year!!! Love you guys!!” — Brittany Stewart

“Excellent season! I’m so proud of you guys. Now Ben can rest properly! Damn good job to be getting so far this injured. He’s got to be related to Superman. Bless him. Looking forward to next year!” — Toni Patrick

“There is a fine line between being a good sport and being a sore loser…..I’m zig-zagging across that line, another stellar season that made STEELER NATION proud. Heal quickly! Temps in Hawaii 88, Indianapolis 41..just sayin’!” — Amy Staff

“You played a hell of a game Big Ben.. Thanks for a great season! It was a hell of a ride! I had fun watching you lead our team!” — Valerie Ivkovich

“Love ya Ben!! Rest up, get healthy, and be ready to go for the big game next season!! You were a true leader this year thought it all!!” — Cheryl Cervenak

“Thanks for a great season and an awesome game tonight. Love you Steelers!!!” — Kari Parsons

“Well we lost but there is one thing I’m proud of my team for there the ONLY team to win 6 SUPER BOWL’S can any other team say that NO I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY EXCEPT STEELERS RULE! — Donna Radermacher Lebanon, PA

“You will always be number one in my heart.. its always about you #7, love ya baby! thanks for the wonderful season! proud to be part of the Steeler nation!!” — Whitney Lester, Grundy, VA

“Ben, tough loss but still proud of all you’ve accomplished this season. Heal up and enjoy the Pro Bowl and the off season. We got’em next year.” — Gloria McCreary

“It was a well fought game guys! Hold your heads high and be proud that you never laid down and know the Nation has nothing but pride in the way you guys fought. I am proud to be a true fan. Get some rest cause we will be back at it next year! — Jeffrey Shelton

Ben, don’t you dare hang that head low!! You are amazing! They way that you and the Steelers played! You guys put it all out on the line. The adversity that you and the team have endured, and you still made it to the playoffs!! I am proud to be a Steeler fan and a Big Ben fan!! Thank you for the great football season this year!! Next season will be better!! Take care this off-season, heal and enjoy time with your lovely wife Ashley!! Will see you at Training Camp!! God Bless!! BIG BEN#1 ALWAYS!!! — Annette Browne

*Thank you Steeler Nation!!!