Once again, the best fanbase in all of sports came out strong with emails, Facebook comments, tweets and even photos for #7 that started just moments after the game ended:

“Dear Mr. Ben Roethlisberger, I cannot imagine the pain you have in your shoulder right now. Whether you win in Denver or not, Steeler Nation will still love you. You are not in this fight alone, you obviously have your teammates, coaches and your family, and you will always have Steeler Nation. When Burfict sacked you at the end of the third quarter last Saturday, we all felt the pain. The way you came back in and fought til the end was awesome. You do not get enough credit for the pain you play through and most importantly the heart you have. I play football myself and I look up to you so much. I wouldn’t choose anyone else as my favorite team’s QB. Don’t forget about all the fans that you love you more than ever!” — Sincerely, Jonah Spencer, age 16. Youngstown, OH

BobbyCurranMatt Pajak @notpatsajak
Unexpected awesomeness from @steelers depth on both sides of the ball, with the gutsiest qb @_BigBen7 in the league. 2016-17 is ring-worthy.

LL Mikey P ‏@MamaMiaMike
Such a great leader and player. I salute you for all that you do for your team on and off the field @_BigBen7

gloria prye ‏@steelergranny
@_BigBen7 Wish I could give you and all my Steelers a hug ,to tell you what you mean to me!

zzy Gobea ‏@alexgobea
@_BigBen7 we couldn’t have a better leader to guide us!! #SteelerNation I’m ready for the new season to start!!

Rich Fallat Class act. Best QB in the nfl.

Karen Reeher Thanks guys for a fantastic season! You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! So hold your heads up high & try again next year. Such is the toils & riggers of life!!

Chris Moody We had a great year amidst the injuries. I couldn’t be prouder of the mighty Steelers!! They pulled together and had a great season.

Nick Mandalakas I was so sure this would be a rebuilding year for the defense, and didn’t expect a winning season. It turned out to be a tremendous and memorable year.

Kimberly Cloud Proud of my boys especially Big Ben!!

‎Valerie Ivkovich‎ Please let Ben know how much I admired his grit, his hard work.. His guts.. He truly is a warrior.. He amazed me and many fans this season.. We love you Ben and we love the Pittsburgh Steelers

“Dear Ben, I am not sure this will ever make it to you but I just wanted to reach out and show my gratitude. Through out the years steeler nation has been calling upon you to lead us into battle and without hesitation you go. Whether you are bruised, broken or battered you know what fans expect of you. Its a little harsh that we expect anything from you. You came to us in 2004. I was just entering my senior year of high school and thought oh jeeze, really this guy. Well let me express how much I choke on my words every down, every game and every time your mentioned. Through the years you have been resilient, hated by the opposition and loved by your fans. Today I come to thank you. Thank you for never giving up when your body told you its time to. Thank you for always realizing how much the guys look up to you as well as your fans. You are only human but to me your super man. My little brother is terminal and we always say he reminds us of you. Just when you think he is down and out he bounces right back and surprises us all. I just want you to know it is truly an honor to have you as a quarterback. Its fun and exciting to watch you play. I can’t wait when I get older to be sitting there telling my children (whenever i have them lol) that I got to witness the greatest quarterback to ever play. So from one fan to you, thank you.” — Sincerely, Denise.

DavidDinoReviews101 ‏@DinoReviews101
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit. Overcoming adversity, @_BigBen7 led us to an amazing season.

Kari Erivez ‏@KErivez
Could not be more proud to be a Steelers fan!!! You guys played with heart and fought till the end!! @_BigBen7 So glad I was there today!

Travis ‏@Twing27
Thank you @_BigBen7 for the outstanding effort with your injury. You will always be the best Qb in my mind!

Michelle ‏@shekitty22
@steelers @_BigBen7 I’m proud of you all. Rest up, get healthy, and come back next season swinging. Much love to all!

Paulette Benson Pelletier Ben played so well today. I am very proud of him.

Mary Jo Canini Ben over came so many obstacles, missing games, kicker issue, bell out 4 the season, pouncy out the season, and Ab taken out with concussion, ans so many more! This steelers team never gave up!!! Boys hold your head’s up High! And Thank you 4 another Great Seaon!!!

Kathleen McQuade Nunubizness Win or lose I love this team. Thank you for a great season. Get healthy & we will be here cheering for you next season

Connie Moore Wilkins Ben you are a class act and a good role model for your team mates and the new up and coming football players.

Linda Lawson Ben, you are the best!! I was a great game and my husband and I are so proud to be a part of Steeler Nation!!

“Hi Erin!! Please tell Ben to tell everyone how freaking proud we are of their effort today!! We could not have asked the kids who had to step up to do more than they did. I’m so proud of this team for all the adversity they have had to overcome. This puts us in great form for next season! We’re going undefeated!!! Much love to you, for maintaining Ben’s site, and much love to Ben & all my boys!!” — Leigh Anne Clay.

DebCypherKarah Sopso ‏@SarahKopso
@_BigBen7 you inspire me

Scott Juba ‏@ScottJuba
Despite the loss, @_BigBen7 threw for over 300 yds against the Broncos today for the second time this season. No other QB has done it once.

Matthew Covelli ‏@CovelliMatt
@_BigBen7 I’m glad I’ve got Ben as our QB. No other person I’d rather have behind center than the toughest SOB in the NFL

Steeler560 ‏@steeler560
@_BigBen7 to the toughest QB in the @NFL THANK YOU and cannot wait until Sept to see what you gonna do with all these weapons #STACKED

Charlene Purta Bigelow Love our boy! What a leader. Wish him a wonderful offseason with his beautiful family, and lots of rest and healing!

Margaret Foley Ben this season had it’s ups and downs; but the true spirit of team shown through each week. I am so proud of the Steelers for having such a great year. See you next August.

Donna Campbell Classy, no other way to put it! Congratulations to Ben on a great season considering all the issues.

Peggy Rudy Ben you are, without a doubt, the most awesome quarterback in the NFL. You have class . you are truly a leader. I am very proud of you and the team . The team persevered through a lot of injuries. You have nothing to been a shame of hold your head high. We will get super bowl 7. Enjoy your family and get 100% healthy for next year. God bless you and your family. Love you Steelers.

Alejandro Perez Chinga Liebres Gracias big ben por todo lo que has echó jugando lesionado como un hombre de acerooo haciendo honor a su equipo eres el mejor

“I am a long time Steeler fan for many years and actually went to the same school as Joe Gilliam as a young guy, he was quarterback then and his father was coach. I live in Cincinnati now so you can imagine the grief I get with my Steeler everything flying in the neighborhood. I wish all you guy’s that are injured the best in your recovery from injury and am in hope that we will continue to advance in these playoffs. Steeler fan for ever” — Isaac Kinley.

indexKaitlyn Rose ‏@Kay_rose2015
IDC that @steelers lost today.They played their heart out. @_BigBen7 has a bum sholder but he still kicked ass. theres always next year

Brett M ‏@Bamm720
@_BigBen7 thank you for an awesome season, heal up and come back stronger to get your 3rd ring next season

Rob ‏@Steelerob69
@_BigBen7 pure class, toughest qb in nfl!

Anne T. ‏@ps5826
@dabody52 Get well. My team did what they always do. Play hard. I love my @steelers @AntonioBrown84 @_BigBen7 @DeAngeloRB @RyanShazier

Gerri Collins Even though it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, I love our guys and Ben is an amazing leader who never gave up and played his heart out for Steelers Nation as did our entire team!!!!

Kathy Cappo Still proud of the Steelers. They overcame a lot of obstacles to get this far. Ben has truly become a great leader.

Elaine Spry So glad that we have Ben as our QB. It has been such a pleasure to see him grow as a player and as a man. Hope he has a great off season with those little ones. Can’t wait to see what next season brings!! Thanks, Erin for being a great admin for this page!!

Dianne Luther Tima You are definitely a class act LEADER. Thanks to my STEELERS

Debbie Cooke Cashdollar And we are proud of you. Showed guts and heart, which is what makes the fans proud!

“As a long time member of Steelers Nation I’d like to say that I am so proud of Big Ben and the Steelers for once again making it into the playoffs and making a great run for another Super Bowl! What a thrilling ride it was! Ben sets the standard for toughness, resilience and integrity in this game of football that we love! There’s no other QB I’d rather have at the helm! Thanks again for the exciting season we now leave behind. I’m already looking forward to next season. I’m sure it’ll be great!” — Anita Doddroe.

KenBrownDorothy Polk ‏@BlaquePearl88
@_BigBen7 So freakin proud of all u guys! U chew nails while the others eat cotton candy

Todd Mills ‏@ToddMills7
@_BigBen7 Great season this year Ben. Enjoy your time off and heal up !!!

Robert Wade ‏@blknyellow4life
@_BigBen7 played with passion an heart all of you pass the message Steeler Nation for Life

Pat Mangan ‏@cjsdad09
@steelers @jharrison9292 @_BigBen7 @AntonioBrown84 Were proud of everything you have accomplished! See you in 6!

“Every game you go out and give us a hundred percent even with all the injuries you had to overcome this season, and we are all blessed to have warrior like you leading our team. Thank you for being the great player/person that you are and never giving up when situations get tough. You are truly the best QB. Go Steelers!” — God Bless, Greg and Billie Jo Yakubik.

Tina M Cain Totally agree !!! We love Ben and our Steelers !!! So proud of them !!!

Rhonda Vogel Ben you are such a great leader and a class act!! You guys did an awesome job out there….proud to be a Steelers fan!!!

Mike Gesner All worth it to see those bengals fans crying. Good season all and all. Go steelers!

Lorie Torgerson Martinez Thank you Ben for playing with such heart and for all you bring to the Steelers organization! You are a class act! Already looking forward to next season!! Proud to be a lifelong Steelers fan!!!

Diana Zeller time to rest – enjoy family- and recoup.

“Ben is the best quarterback in the league. Yeah, I’m biased because we’re friends, but he is! He plays through more pain, has always played with less talent (until this year) at the receiver position, and has still been to 3 SB’s. He averaged 328 yards per game this year!!! 3rd most in NFL HISTORY! If he has not gotten hurt they would have finished 14-2 most likely and as the #1 seed in the playoffs. Wait til next year with everyone healthy – Ben, AB, LeVeon, Maurkice, WOW! Scary team! Best team in the NFL right there.” — Brian Cooper.

BrandonTerry Fletcher NFL @TerryinSOCalif
I hope Ben can now get the rest he needs for that banged up body. I wish he was healthy enough to consider ProBowl in Hawaii what a great family trip that could be.

margaret thomas ‏@bourage5
@steelers @_BigBen7 @MakeAWishPAWV @MakeAWishAL Brandon Bourage (photo above) would be very proud. He’s truly missed by his family and friends.

Dennis Kelley ‏@RealDKelley
@_BigBen7 Great job with all the adversity this year. Enjoy your family time and 2016 looks quite rosy.

Dick Ognen So proud to be a Steelers fan and that Ben, the QB in the NFL leads the best franchise in pro sports. Ben R is one tough SOB! The arrow is pointing up, this team grew so much, overcame so much, and now it knows what it takes to finish it. Thanks for a great season, and thanks for leading The Pittsburgh Steelers Ben!

Gregory P. Twd Lanham Tell Ben the Lanhams are big fans in Carlisle and we wish him and his teammates a great off season, and to rest the injuries. We are very proud how tough and gritty Ben and the team responded all year. Adversity met with fortitude and a great will to win. Can’t win them all. As fans it’s so nice to have players play the way they do for Ben and the Steelers. He is one of the best athletes or competitors in any sport that my family has had the pleasure of watching.

AlfredoTom Miele Ben battled for us all season long he did the best he could with the hand he was dealt
Hopefully next year we get all our guys healthy and we come back with a vengeance.

Teri Cormas The Pittsburgh Steelers are an awesome contributor to what the NFL should be! You Make me proud to be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan! Love you!

Kevin Doyle Great year fellas, wearin’ my steeler gear proudly today. Next year is the year. Healthy you guys be more dangerous than ever. My family will still be watching. Steeler nation always.

John Hetherington Thank you Ben for another great year I have been a steelers fan for 55 years and you are one of the greatest players ever thank you enjoy your family see you next year for another wacky at it.!

“Dear Ben, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the Steelers family from my heart for this amazing season and all your efforts. Your definition of leadership is a true inspiration and kept me motivated in a hard personal time. I visited Heinz Field this year in offseason and as a german it is amazing to know, that I have another family at the other side of the world: Steelers Nation! I hope that I can be at Heinz Field one day and see you guys play, proudly waving my terrible towel! Go get them next season. Steelers all the way!” — Your fan, Henrik from Germany.

And lastly….

Jeff Gaines @twojgs
Just want to say…as a @Bengals fan. I have got nothing but #respect for Ben Roethlisberger. Congratulations. See you next year. #thrice

*Thank you so much to all that sent, posted & tweeted messages & photos – wish I could have posted every one of them!!