It’s a new season with a lot of new fans out there in Steeler Nation!

That’s Isaiah Young on the left, who can’t wait to grow into that #7 jersey!!

Julia (top right) wanted to give a Shout Out to Benjamin Jr & Baylee!

Bryce (bottom right) is already practicing his touchdown celebration moves!

And from Twitter:

This Lil’ Fan on the left is literally tickled pink with excitement for the season!

That little tough guy (top right) is not only ready to watch Steelers football, he looks like he’s ready to play some Steelers football!

And the cute little gal in the black & gold (bottom right) was happy about that win against the Panthers – her first game!

Don’t leave yet!! We have a lot more Lil’ Fans here, some big fans here, and a few furry fans here!