During Ben’s family vacation to VA Beach this month, he found time to play his second favorite sport – golf, at the beautiful Hells Point course.

Also playing on the course that day were two of Steeler Nation’s finest:

“My friend and I had the pleasure of meeting Ben at one of Virginia Beach’s golf courses, Hells Point. The pace of play was a little slow due to a small tournament that was ahead of both of our groups and we crossed paths around the fifth hole. What can I say, It was a huge pleasure meeting with him. My friend Jimmy Banicar and I approached him casually and said we were both big fans and we just wanted to meet him. Ben was not only inviting, but he seemed very appreciative of our approach.

“After a few pictures and a few moments of conversation, I informed him of a few cool places to check out around town including my restaurant Calypso Bar and Grill. As expected he responded with, “Yeah sure. We will try and stop by!”. Never did I expect he would take my recommendation and actually fit Calypso into his busy schedule – but he did! The staff and guests all agreed they had the best time being around such a down-to-earth person. Meeting Ben was a great pleasure, not only from being a Steelers fan, but also for the class act that he is! Thank you Ben!” — Bryan Connolly, Calypso Bar & Grill, VA Beach

Bryan’s friend, Jimmy, now has #7’s autograph on his Steelers golf bag:

“I was playing golf with my friend Bryan at Hells Point Golf course in Va Beach. We ran into Ben on the course. He could not have been any more friendly! We talked briefly about how I had grown up in Pittsburgh, and how I am the Biggest Steeler Fan ever. Ben is my favorite Steeler of all time. It was so cool of him to stop, talk and take a pic and then to have him sign my Steeler golf bag. What a great day! Thank you Ben!!” — Your #1 fan, Jimmy Banicar

You can see more photos here!

*Thank you Bryan and Jimmy!