From Jeff Weitzman, retired K9 officer with U.S. Customs, on his appreciation of The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation:

Ben, I wanted to write to express my gratitude for all you do.

SnagSo many times we as a society forget our athletic superstars are first and foremost people. People with a heart that care about others in ways that are not often completely understood. This wonderful canine program isn’t just about the care and safety of dogs. It is about the care and safety of the general public as a whole.

Having been a Canine Officer and Canine Supervisor I was always amazed at the abilities our canine partners showed time and time again. These amazing animals not only detect narcotics, but can detect explosives, human beings, currency, weapons and countless other items. They are also some of the most loyal companions any person could ever ask for. By the time I had retired from The United States Government, my narcotics detector dog (photo above) had been inducted into the Guinness Book of Worlds Records two times for her detection work. She was inducted again this year. The lives this little dog saved by finding narcotic load after narcotic load can’t be fully understood, until one thinks of the death and destruction these drugs would have and could have brought to the streets of our country.

The love and caring you and your organization not only shows to these animals, but to these outstanding law enforcement organizations, is more than mere words can express. So many law enforcement departments across our country have had to face severe budget cuts. To think that someone like you thinks about more than just yourself brings my heart so much joy that it makes the disabling injuries I suffered on the job a little easier to live with and provides much needed assistance to agencies that are economically disadvantaged. I wish I could come up with new positive descriptive adjectives to express how wonderful I think this organization is but I hope the words I’ve used can express my feelings.

Thank you for all you do! – Jeff Weitzman, United States Customs Service K-9 Officer, retired.

Thank you Mr. Weitzman!

The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation is currently accepting grants for the 2013 NFL season! You can get information on how to request a grant for your agency here!