it’s Steeler Nation with a post FOR Ben.

Emails, Facebook comments & tweets have been streaming in with thoughts and messages (and even a few photos) that the fans wanted to share with #7. The sample below doesn’t come close to the amount received, but hoping Ben knows how much respect Steeler Nation has for him and the Steelers, and their season:

BrianGoodson_LilBen“Tell Ben no matter what, we know he played his hardest and should be very proud of his season. He lead an explosive offense and had one heck of a year. Also let him no Lil’ Ben is his biggest fan and will be excited to see his QB out next year to get us number 7. Thank you for an amazing year and have fun in the pro bowl. No matter what your the best quarter back to play in a black n gold uniform and number one in our hearts!” — Brian Goodson

LateModelResto ‏@ChrisFromBurgh
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, it’s when things seem worse that you mustn’t quit. @_BigBen7 that poem is deep!

“Big Ben, I’m a no-name electronics engineering technician that only ever dreams of playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I wanted to thank you and the rest of the team for being heroes. I know playing the Ravens is hard and missing key players doesn’t help, but I want you to keep know I saw you play your heart out on that field tonight and I know you’ll always put 200% out there any time. Next year is gonna be even better and with any luck the Lombardi might just be in reach. Even though this message is for Ben a special shoutout to every player that makes this team great I know you all are exceptional players! Always root for you guys. Thank you soooo muchhh!” — Austin Reynold

“You never have to apologize for what you do for the team and the City. It was great watching the team and you have a great season #1QB #1guy” — Matt Harris

Jean Trail You did your best. We love you…thank you. Feel bad today and then be done with that. On to next year!!

Misty Clark Ben you are a good player. You do put your hear and soul into every game. Somethimes it just don’t turn out . It helps to have all our players playing healthy. You do your best. You came far.. Love you STEELERS. You will always be my team.

GregBillieJo_MikeJamieHarmon_2“Ben, You are a true leader, you fight till the end no matter how tough things get, you never quit on this team or on the fans and we are so blessed to have you as are our QB… Take this time to enjoy your beautiful family, there is always next season and we will always be cheering you on.” — Billie Jo & Greg Yakubik (photo above with friends Mike & Jamie Harmon).

Kathy Mae WE win some and WE lose some but at the end of it all WE (true Steeler) fans love you and appreciate you as the great QB you are!! The lost was not only shocking but sad but no apologizing needed from our awesome QB! We love you Ben and love our steelers win or lose!! Take some time and enjoy your family!

Jim Stanley ‏@JimStanley95
@_BigBen7 Ben you are a class act and can’t be perfect every week. SteelerNation has your back and next step in journey in the fall.

Steven Fair We love you Big Ben .Get some much-needed rest and family time see you next year. Thanks for an exciting season.

Pam Deli What team has “6” Superbowl” trophies? It was just a tough game to watch especially, who we played. Live & Learn! Besides what you do on the field, I want to say “Thank You” for what you do off the field. When my sister had Cancer you sent her an autographed picture, and I want to say TY for that, she has since passed, but it made her day to receive it. Our family was soo appreciative!

TaylorMoore“I’ve been a loyal fan of yours since day 1 and appreciate all of your hard work and sacrifices that you make for your fans. Thank you for a great season this year and can’t wait until next year!!!” — Taylor Moore (photo at left with sister, Stephanie, and dog, Mini).

Jeff Battin ‏@JeffreyJBattin
@_BigBen7 Amazing season Ben! Thank-you for all that you bring to our city, our team and our hearts. Tough loss – not on you – team loss.

“Can throw 60 yards, Can scramble, Can take hits, Can make all the throws, Can make side arm throws, Can make side arm knuckle ball throw to AB, Can run, Can play sick, Can play injured, Can play on one leg, Can throw a ball with a broken finger, Can tackle, Can punt, Can extend plays, His the inventor of turning broken down plays into design plays that another team is doing right now! If anyone can figure what team! Not that hard! The QB scrambles and avoid sacks?? What other team folks??” — Kurt Victoria

Mark and Faith ‏@ohiosteelerfans
@_BigBen7 Thank you for a record breaking season. I would want no other QB in the league on my team. #SteelerNation loves you!

Richard Fletcher ‏@RichFletch
@_BigBen7 is my QB!! Wouldn’t want anyone else!! Great season guys! #SteelersNation

Carol Hackett Classy act Ben! Must be awful to have to answer questions after that important a loss. It is a team effort and it just didn’t happen tonight. Thanks for all you did to get us to the playoffs. I will always cheer for you and the Steeler! Work hard in the off season and enjoy your family.

SamSam @_sharkness (photo at left)
@AntonioBrown84 @_BigBen7 @jharrison9292 @lawrencetimmons @tpolamalu Thanks for a great season from Utah

Lisa Shupe ‏@mrskevinshupe
@_BigBen7 You’re still the best QB in all of the NFL. True members of Steeler Nation will always stand by you, and the team. #GoSteelers

TheMantheMytheLegend ‏@Steel_Legends
@_BigBen7 You’re a true warrior in every sense. Spend some quality time with your family. See you in Latrobe.

“Congrats to Ben on a great season. Can’t wait to teach my boy about the draft and gonna bring him to the draft party at Heinz. GoSteelers!” — Bob Tschappat, Jr.

Alex McKim ‏@phxalex78
@_BigBen7 Get’m next year sir. Thank you for being our quarterback.

Ann Trombetta You had a great season. Hold your head up high. This was a team effort and everyone did their best. I know it’s a long way to next season but it will be a good one.

Misty Clark Ben you are a good player. You do put your hear and soul into every game. Somethimes it just don’t turn out . It helps to have all our players playing healthy. You do your best. You came far.. Love you STEELERS. You will always be my team.

SarahMartinSarah Martin ‏@Sarah15057 (photo at left)
Thanks @_BigBen7 for an awesome season & 1 of the best moments of my life week 9. Still wearing your jersey today.

Michael Vassallo ‏@mvassallo3417
@_BigBen7 no need to apologize, this team was were it was because of you. We’ll get it next year. Need you to be a STEELER 4 LIFE.

Kathy Mae WE win some and WE lose some but at the end of it all WE (true Steeler) fans love you and appreciate you as the great QB you are!! The lost was not only shocking but sad but no apologizing needed from our awesome QB! We love you Ben and love our steelers win or lose!! Take some time and enjoy your family!

George T.Carter ‏@joelbrooks86
@_BigBen7 I hope you comeback Stronger and Better than ever next year and thank you for being the Man of God and Player/Steeler u are!!!!

Scott Rohde We are blessed to have you as our quarterback. We did win the AFC North. You had a great year Ben. Thank you for playing with all your heart. Thank you for what you bring to the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is no need to apologize. It was a great season. We will get it next year. Take care of yourself Ben!!!!

“Dear Ben, Thanks For bringing us to the Playoffs and being AFC North Champions You played A Great game last night I know it was probably frustrating for you when you work so hard to get the ball up the field and then you get penalties and they move the ball back then sometimes it changes the Motivation It was A Tough Game I Think you were Great out there But I am and always will be A Proud Steeler Fan.” — Julie R Brichta

“I watched Ben’s post game. Please tell him he owes no one an apology. He did all he could this entire season. I for one do not blame him at all. I wish I had the chance to meet him one day and tell him in person. He has given more of himself to the team and the fans than most players. He has an amazing family that he can spend time with and move on from here to whatever comes next. I appreciate all he has done for me as a fan.” — Mary Jane McCaw-Piccinini

DamienDamien Thompson ‏@mxtranice (photo at left)
Wore it with PRIDE last night!!! @_BigBen7 @steelers @tpolamalu @jharrison9292 @L_Bell26

Ellen Deemer ‏@luvfrogz
@_BigBen7 Thanks for an amazing ride. Get em next year! #Steelers #SteelersNation

Brenda Hoffman Braden I love you Big Ben, no ifs, ands, or buts, you are the best in my eyes!!!!

Rosie Barraza Rivera We love you Ben, you did what you could and brought some great games to us, lets do this next year with the Triple Bs!!! But proud of all our guys!!! GO STEELERS!!! Thanks to Polamalu for getting in there and putting some effort in trying to help us win as well, nothing but love to our TEAM!!!

Stroman Yvonne I am proud of the Steelers! Many had you dead last in the AFC North and you took the title! Great representation of the profession! Look forward to seeing you next seasion. #foreverasteelersfan

RuthandDavid Potts Ben you don”t need to, you played a great game and all the Steelers played with a lot of heart, I’m proud to call myself a Steeler Fan!!!

Jill Floyd Brogan WE LOVE YA, BEN! Please don’t blame yourself. We win as a Nation and we lose as a Nation! WE Love You, BEN!

A couple of younger fans emailed in:

NoahsRoom“Hi Ben, I am Noah and I love the Steelers. I’m 11-years old and my Steelers room has black and yellow walls and posters of you even a fat head of you because you are the best. You taught me to never to give up. — Thank you, Noah Cowgill (photo of his room at left).

“hi this is Brayden Keck. I just want to say you are a good qb and did a good job winning the afc.” — Brayden

David Burkhardt Ben, no apologies! Think about when y’all were 7-5 and were almost not in the playoff picture! Ripped off 3 more wins and got into the playoffs! So many injuries this year, there were questions and uncertainties from week 1 about the Steelers’ season prospects! You and the rest of the Steelers shut everybody up. The refs gave this game to the Ravens. Could you and the while team have played better? Sure, but I believe y’all left it all out on the field last night! Win, lose or tie, I’m a Steelers fan til I die! It would have been nicer if Keisel had been healthy this year, but overall, this season was successful, all things considered!

“Hey Big Ben. You had on helleva season. Im still proud of you and the guys. Yall played very well. All I can say is DIVISION CHAMPS OF THE NORTH. STEELERS NATION STAND UP!!! Next season will be better.” — Letisha Stillings

“Great season, sorry it had to end here. Ben you had a stellar year, became a NFL record setter twice!So what, you lost….leave it on the field & hold your head high because all us STEELER FANS WILL BE HERE NEXT SEASON, CAUSE WITH US, IT’S WIN, LOSE OR TIE! STEELER NATION.” — Monica McNaught-Osten

Shane Lee Ben, we’re lucky to have your accountable style of leadership. Men like you are in short supply these days. You did your best. We are proud of you and the entire Steeler organization! Thanks for a great season!

Sandra Osche Ben, thank you for an exciting year! Helping to lead the team back when so many doubted. It is a team sport, don’t put the blame on you alone. See you next year!

JoanCabral_2Joan Cabral @larbac66
@steelers @_BigBen7 @tpolamalu Thx for a great season! London ON bleeds black & yellow! #SteelerNation (photo at left)

We “STEEL” love you and will see you in the Pro Bowl!! YAY — Joanne Hunnell-Dryburgh

Joseph Annarelli I will always be a Steelers fan, this team gave us fans a lot to be proud of this year. See ya in August.

Nicole Ciufo ‏@NicoleCiufo
@_BigBen7 you are still the only QB I would every want leading our team ! You are a true leader and winner on and off the field!

“Ben, after seeing your apology on the website I just wanted to hug you & say it will be OK. I wear my #7 jersey proudly & will always wear it with proud. No one gave us a chance but through “YOUR” leadership we won the division. You play the game with heart, soul, & passion. And for that I thank you. I’m so proud to call you “MY” quarterback & leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers.” — Marilyn McClellan

Chris Cobbs ‏@ccobman
@_BigBen7 no doubt in my eyes and SteelerNation you are the best damn QB in the league.

Charlie Brown Listen have bled for us..played with broken bones..led us to two super are a true steeler!!!! For ten years you been one the best in the game..true steelers fans love you!!! Thank you for all you done for us..for a lot of us the steelers are more than a football team..your our lives all year around..we love you and our steelers!!! I have since I was four years old and forever!!!!!!!

Steeler Nation from around the globe:

DamianColemanThis picture taken after win at Panthers in September. First NFL game in US for a long time Steelers fan. Hope to get to Heinz Field in 2015 and would love Rooney family to bring Steelers back to Dublin. — Damian Coleman

Adriana Ochoa EnriquezYour best 2nd fans of mexico r wirh u.bad day and circumstances but u r the best 4ver,hugs,i believe u will bring the title soon.

BERGERAC ‏@GridIron2437
@_BigBen7 You don’t have to apologize to anybody.You made me spend exciting season. Best regard from Japan.

Cameron Sibbald Last year we went 8-8, this year 11-5 and playoffs, we have had a great year, 1 very happy supporter from Australia, thank you.

Matt Harris @mattharris66ss
You never have to apologize for what you do for the team and the City. It was great watching the team and you have a great season #1QB #1guy! But always look forward to spending time @Nemacolin. Couldn’t b nicer to an avg guy like me! No one deserves a SB more than Ben!

Maretta Campbell No need to apologize.. We’re proud of you for brought this far, “Hugs” “Thank You ” we have 6 Super Bowl Rings .. hmm.. Can’t name any NFL team that does ? I’m a Die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Nobody will ever change that ! A SEASON BEHIND US WE MOVE FORWARD A STEELER NATION UNITED AS ONE ! I’m proud to be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan !

Dan Powell ‏@dpsteelers58
@_BigBen7 The selfless qualities of a great leader, but no one could sees anything but what you are: an all time great Steeler.

“True fans will always support their team. And Ben has a lot of real true fans!!!” — Amanda Mann

“Ben & Erin, for all of us die-hard fans who rely on your insider stories, links, videos and clips to keep us in the loop as if we were family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As I always say, keep up the extraordinary work in support of our boy Big Ben, his family and the Steelers as a whole. You truly are an inspiration.” — Vince Furman

RegiosDeAceroBen, some photos of Big Ben fans of the Regios de Acero Steelers Fan Club from Monterrey and other cities in México. We are very proud of you! #InBenWeTrust! — Roger Saucedo (photos at left)

joe grimes ‏@joesteeler88
@_BigBen7 we still love yaw big guy! We would not have been there without you #SteelerNation

Sha’kema Latroi Middleton Great season anyway Steelers! looking forward to kick ass next season! Still love you Ben Roethlisberger – #7

Brian J Kirby ‏@kirbysteelers
@_BigBen7 you played the best you could. You always give us a chance to win. We will be back next year better than this year.

“Please let Ben know that we had a ton of fun watching him have an history making winning season, getting to playoffs and watching his leadership with those young players each week. Yes we had a disappointing loss last night but we love and support our franchise quarterback. Happy New Year to Ben, Ashley, Ben Jr and Baylee. On to next season!” — Terry Fletcher-Borden

Megan Stringfellow Dude you’re awesome!!! You can’t do it all all the time!!!! Our family still loves you!!!!!!!

And from Diana Napper, at A Glimmer of Hope Foundation:

“I know the loss Saturday was a difficult one. However, I think sometimes we base our opinion on what these players do good, and not on the good they do. That Good is so much more important and I saw this first hand over the last few weeks. Lives are changed through kind acts and for that I am grateful.”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send/post/tweet these messages!!