“Not a lot to be said. I didn’t ask coach one time to come out because there’s a Steeler way and it’s fighting to the end. Games like this show a lot down the stretch…it shows a lot about a team’s character, their will, their heart, and when you’re down a bazillion points at the end of the game, do guys quit? Do they stop fighting? Do they give up a little bit, or do they continue to fight and fight for each other? And I thought for the most part, we did that. Guys showed their character ’til the end of the game. Who continued to fight, who continued to get extra yards? I mean Pat takes a crazy hit to the head. People will ask why? But it shows his heart and his character…and a lot of other guys – I thought Diontae did, the line up front, I thought a lot of guys did that. Games like this are when that’s revealed.” — Ben.

You can watch the video of Ben’s post-game interview here.