Weekend #2 at Steelers Training Camp

in photos:


*Bodie was headin’ towards Daddy too, but his little legs weren’t quite as fast as Benjamin’s and Baylee’s were!

Photo: Steelers.

Chase Williams WPXI @chasepwilliams
Ben Roethlisberger (@_BigBen7) making a lot of fans happy tonight. #Steelers

Dale Lolley @dlolley_pgh
Ben Roethlisberger just pulled a young fan wearing a No. 7 jersey out of the crowd and played catch with him all the way down the field. Then took pictures with him. Great moments of training camp. #Steelers #dkps

Jenny Weis @STEELER86JEN
.@steelers @SteelersUnite #footballfamily 🏈🏈🏈

@_BigBen7, Photo of Big Ben getting ready to sign my cast at Friday Night Lights, “priceless”, thank you👍🏈🙏

Rettabetta7 @rettabetta7
.@steelers @_BigBen7 @RyanShazier @SteelersUnite – it’s a tradition – at Latrobe Memorial Stadium.

And our Fan Story of the Weekend:

Patience pays off!

“I just wanted to share this picture with yinz. After 12 long long years, my son’s first ever Steelers Jersey, a Ben R., was signed by Ben today at the start of night practice. He passed me up twice, but my son Ben was able to squeeze in and get his attention. Big Ben noticed the baby jersey and gave my Ben a smile, as if to say “I know who you are”. It was a special moment for sure. My son was so happy, he was shaking and practically crying. So amazing!! Big Ben does so much for everyone and he really tried to make sure everyone got an autograph. What an awesome guy and truly one of the greatest Steelers of all time!” — Don Glendenning.

What a weekend!!

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