Spending all those Father’s Day Weekends at the ProCamps Ben Roethlisberger Football Camp!

And there’s no better way to start it off than with this great moment in 2017 captured by photographer Matt Freed:

Followed by a fun video that same year shared by parent Eileen Mess:

Big Ben was EVERYWHERE! He coached, he passed, he ran & he had a great time!

“Great job, Ben!! So nice of you to give of your time to be with the children. You are such a great mentor for the kids! Plus, you are a great quarterback! GO BEN!!!” — Reno Davis.

“We do a lot of quarterback drills, some receiver drills, and a little bit of running back stuff, but mostly just catching and throwing.”

Ben says a more important lesson to teach, though, is sportsmanship.

“Just a second ago, I was throwing passes and a kid dropped it and one of his teammates said, ‘It’s OK, you’ll get the next one.’ To hear that kind of stuff already is just great.”

Camp was also about catching up with old friends…

like Zachery Mezger!

And making new ones…

like Alex Bentley!

You never knew who was going to show up from the Steelers to help their QB!

Charlie Batch, Coach Tomlin, Brett Keisel, Kelvin Beachum and David DeCastro all came out to support #7.

Steve Davidyak ‏@Badlab
@bgradkowski5 Thanks for taking a moment to snap a pic with my boys  @ProCamps ‘s @ProCamps! You are a class act!

A tough work-out with Big Ben, followed by plenty of big smiles!

“We drove 417 miles for Big Ben’s football camp what a blast!” — Jennifer O’Leary.

“Ben Roethlisberger high fives campers after scoring touchdown.” — Peter Diana.

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8+ hour drive and 3 hours of sleep all worth it the moment my 6 year old laid eyes on Big Ben! @CitiPrivatePass @ProCamps @_BigBen7

“My son has attended the camp 3 years in a row and loves it. It is so nice how Ben interacts with all of the kids and throws each of them a pass. Ben’s kids are so cute and fun to watch as they run all over camp. We can’t wait to attend again next year.” — Jennifer Algeri Lippmann.

We couldn’t forget this great camp story from 2013!

“What an amazing experience this camp has been for both my sons…their Dad, CDR Mark Ziegler, is serving our country in Afghanistan and had given them the Camp as a gift for their birthdays…Mark was able to view the video and must have watched it at least a hundred times…proud Dad!!” — Dena Ziegler.

“So I ended up reading [Mrs. Ziegler’s message] on my website and called them out today, and today happens to be his brother’s birthday as well. So we sent them both deep, and I had his mom come down so she good get good footage and send it to their dad in Afghanistan. So it all worked out really great.” — Ben.

“It’s the best feeling in the world. He’s my hero. I didn’t dream of it happening. It was arguably the best two days of my life!” — Andrew Ziegler.

“I’m really excited for him to see it, because he’s my dad and he’s serving in Afghanistan, and I just want him to see the moments we’ve had.” — Steven Ziegler.

“My boys had a great time today at camp! My youngest getting to ask Ben a question and my oldest son Andrew catching a 50 yard bomb over the outside shoulder made for lifelong memories. I wish I was there to see it in person, but through the wonders of YouTube, I was able to watch it from Afghanistan. I hope Paul Chryst and Todd Haley were watching!

Thank you to Ben, Ben’s family, and all those who work so hard to put on the camp. You made two, no 500+, kid’s day! My wife and I are touched, almost to tears, by the gesture. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go…and Go Big Ben!” — CDR Mark Ziegler, SC,USN; to the website’s Facebook page this afternoon.

Ben’s camp was always a family affair – in fact we watched Benjamin, Jr. grow up at Dad’s camp!

On the left: Ashley and Baylee take it all in from the sidelines. In the middle: Ken stops to take a photo with young camper Garrett Candelore. On the right: a “mom conference” between Ashley, Brenda and Michelle Bishop.

“Hey wait! I think they’re calling me to come out there! Where’s my jersey?”

“Grandma, I’ll talk to you later! I gotta get my jersey on!! Daddy’s callin’ me out there, he needs me!!”

“The toddler walked and ran around the camp like he owned it, racing in one of the smokehouse 40-yard dash heats and even trying out some drills.” — Megan Ryan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Some day I’m going to be an elite Super Bowl winning quarterback just like my dad…yup, some day!!”

Early on, Baylee was just there for the refreshments!

“Does anyone know where a girl can get a juice box around here?” — Baylee

“Mr. Vince got me to stay still long enough to take a picture with Baylee and our Pops on Father’s Day! We love Pops!!
My baby brother Bodie is too little to play at camp. He stayed cool in the shade with mommy.” — Benjamin, Jr.

(“Mr. Vince” is Vince Rush, a photographer and BIG Steelers fan that came from Ohio to take amazing action photos for Ben’s camp.)

“I ❤️ that this is a family affair – Ben, his wife, kids & parents are here.” — Mary Prichard.

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Campers are from several states including AR, CO, CT and MD. Here’s a Steelers fan from Arkansas @_BigBen7

“This was the second year in a row our daughter Chloe attended the Ben Roethlisberger ProCamp! It was just as awesome as last year! Thank you to Ben for having this camp again and for sharing part of his Father’s Day with all of us! He is great and so kind to each of the campers. He takes the time to throw a pass to each one! Simply incredible. The organizers do an amazing job each year! They make it a memorable experience for all who attend.” — Lisa Booth.

Of course, it was also about the Dads!

“We just got back from Ben’s camp in Harmony, PA. It was truly amazing! Still in awe right now, actually. I just can’t believe someone of Ben’s fame or standing was so attentive. He never seemed to take a break and was always on the field. Then throwing 487 passes so EVERY kid had the opportunity to catch one from him? I doubt anyone else does that. I was fortunate enough that not only did Bryce catch his pass, but I was able to catch the entire thing on video. Something he, WE, will always look back on as a great memory.” — Steve Bishop, NY

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Here go the dads. Get the trainers ready. @_BigBen7 Camp

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HERE WE GO!!! Time to get our pro camp day on! A Father’s Day Tradition!!!  @ProCamps @_BigBen7


*All the photos from Ben’s football camps can be seen here.