“Sir, you changed my life forever due to this great cause. Can’t lie, Taylor & I are Broncos fans, but we’re also huge fans of yours. Thank you for what you do to help local LE’s.” — Deputy John “Patrick” Hynes.

And more from Deputy Hynes:


“I received Taylor through Mr. Roethlisberger’s grant program in 2012, & we have been an Explosives Detection K-9 Team ever since. She is a six and a half year old chocolate lab that is very good at her job — finding explosives & interacting with kids at public relation events. Our partnership would not have been possible without Mr. Roethlisberger and his foundation! Again, thank you sir.”

Deputy Hynes, thank YOU for taking a moment to share this with us. Be safe and thank you for what you do!

Fans: You can support future K-9 grants by joining Ben’s crowdfunding campaign on https://pledgeit.org/big-ben. Big Ben is pledging $1,000 per touchdown this season to his foundation. Supporters can increase the impact by pledging to donate any amount per touchdown.