The Jerome Bettis 10th Annual Caring for Kids Gala is September 18th and Steeler Nation is invited!

This is a Black Tie Event that will be held at the Fairmont Hotel.

Jerome will be honoring Ben that evening with the “Humanitarian Award – an award given to someone within the community who is making a huge difference – and this year’s it will go to Ben for all the good he does in our community.”

All event proceeds benefit The Bus Stops Here Foundation!

You can learn more about Jerome’s foundation by watching this interview with Christina Dickerson.

*Please email [email protected] to purchase tickets or become a sponsor for this incredible annual event, or to make a donation!

Also Today:

Fan Stephen Brosky wanted to share his story about meeting Ben at Jerome Bettis’ HOF Induction Ceremony –

I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend Jerome Bettis’ Hall of Fame party. Being a diehard Steelers fan, this was a dream come true.

I thought my night was made just being surrounded by former and current Steelers…until Big Ben walked in.

He happened to walk in while my buddy and I were waiting to get our drinks. He walked by us and I asked if he wanted a drink, he stated “not right now”. I asked him if it would be cool to get a picture? He said to “hold on a second”. Not wanting to bother him, we got our drinks and headed towards the rest of the party. A few more people started asking him for pictures, and at that point, he told them to “wait a minute because I have to take care of something”.

Little did I know he was talking about me.

Ben scanned the party and spotted my buddy, Rich Staley, and told him to bring me over. When I walked up, Ben couldn’t have been nicer. We talked for a few minutes first and then posed for the pictures. He made sure to put us at ease and to talk to everyone.

When Ben was getting ready to leave he came over to thank me for offering to buy him a drink. He said he appreciated the generosity and that he “wouldn’t forget it”. To me, my night was made. Again one of my favorite players made sure to shake my hand and thank me before he left the party.

To have that happen and to share it with your best friend, I couldn’t ask for a better night! Thanks for making me feel important Ben!

Please thank him for me! — Stephen Brosky, @cherrybomber16

Stephen, consider it done! And thank you & Rich for sharing your story & photos with us!