Benjamin Jr. has waited patiently the last two years for HIS turn to be on the field with the big kids at Dad’s football camp….

And THIS was the YEAR – his YEAR! Not only did he run in a race with the big kids, and do some drills, but he was a big help on the field as well!

“The toddler walked and ran around the camp like he owned it, racing in one of the smokehouse 40-yard dash heats and even trying out some drills.” — Megan Ryan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


“This is me helping daddy on the field. Yup, I’m big enough to be out there with the other kids, and I even get to help like a real coach!” — Benjamin, Jr.


“My daddy. Isn’t he great?” — Benjamin Jr.


“Some day I’m going to be an elite Super Bowl winning quarterback just like my dad!”


“Yup, some day….”


Whoa! Hold on a minute! This one feels a little soft!


“Mr. Vince got me to stay still long enough to take a picture with Baylee and our Pops on Father’s Day! We love Pops!!”

(My baby brother Bodie is too little to play at camp. He stayed cool in the shade with mommy)

“Mr. Vince” is Vince Rush, a photographer and BIG Steelers fan that came from Ohio to take amazing action photos for Ben’s camp. Here’s a small collection of his work in collages –

“I have always been a fan of Ben Roethlisberger the quarterback, but after this weekend and after spending a lot of time carefully observing his genuine caring and interaction with the kids, I became a big fan of Ben Roethlisberger, the individual. You can always spot a non-authentic individual from a mile away. Ben was genuinely authentic and really cared about, and appreciated the kids that attended the camp.” — Vince Rush.

Step by step instruction from #7:

“My son has attended the camp 3 years in a row and loves it. It is so nice how Ben interacts with all of the kids and throws each of them a pass. Ben’s kids are so cute and fun to watch as they run all over camp. We can’t wait to attend again next year.” — Jennifer Algeri Lippmann.

Brooke Bestor ‏@BrookeBestor
8+ hour drive and 3 hours of sleep all worth it the moment my 6 year old laid eyes on Big Ben! @CitiPrivatePass @ProCamps @_BigBen7

“Great job, Ben!! So nice of you to give of your time to be with the children. You are such a great mentor for the kids! Plus, you are a great quarterback! GO BEN!!!” — Reno Davis.

“We drove 417 miles for Big Ben’s football camp what a blast!” — Jennifer O’Leary.

“This was the second year in a row our daughter Chloe attended the Ben Roethlisberger ProCamp! It was just as awesome as last year! Thank you to Ben for having this camp again and for sharing part of his Father’s Day with all of us! He is great and so kind to each of the campers. He takes the time to throw a pass to each one! Simply incredible. The organizers do an amazing job each year! They make it a memorable experience for all who attend.” — Lisa Booth.

Throwing a pass to every camper:


“During these ten years of camp, Ben has raised over $500,000 for charity and has thrown a pass to more than 4,000 kids.” — ProCamps.

Gretchen Haddox ‏@haddoxgrettie
Great day! Ben threw 400 passes to the kids! Wow! @_BigBen7

“I was at the camp yesterday and saw how much fun the kids, including Ben, Jr. were having. Ben is a great mentor and kids came with their parents from all over the USA … kid who won an award was from California. The license plates on the cars in the parking lot told the story…reminded me of Steelers training camp in Latrobe. Little Ben sure gave grandma a workout, and Baylee was more interested in the Gatorade barrel. LOL. Nice job, Ben and all the coaches.” — Jan Zella.

Jenetta Christy ‏@lenisa8896
@sunnydelight @_BigBen7 @ProCamps Thank U ben for taking the time with our kids. Keep making dreams come true

“I ❤️ that this is a family affair – Ben, his wife, kids & parents are here.” — Mary Prichard.

“This was an amazing camp, both of my boys attended and it was worth every penny spent.” — Stacy McClenahan.

Fun Days:

“My son has attended the camp 3 years in a row and loves it. It is so nice how Ben interacts with all of the kids and throws each of them a pass. Ben’s kids are so cute and fun to watch as they run all over camp. We can’t wait to attend again next year.” –Jennifer Algeri Lippmann.

“One happy kid! Thank you Ben, Procamp, SunnyD, and all staff!” — Sherry Cline.


“It was obvious to me immediately that this isn’t ‘just something he does.’ Roethlisberger thoroughly enjoys being around the kids. He has a great sense of humor that was on display whenever he had the mic in his hands.” — Marc Uhlmann, Steel City Blitz.

Got 2 B Money Maker ‏@Got2BMoneyMaker
@_BigBen7 @ProCamps Watching Ben Jr make target after target just like Daddy. I hear the NFL calling.

“Ben, you are great with these kids I find it truly amazing!” — Gail Allegar.

And Father’s Day:

Steel Dad ‏@SteelDad
Here go the dads. Get the trainers ready. @_BigBen7 Camp

Deron Tatala ‏@Tally316
@SunnyDelight @_BigBen7 @ProCamps Loved sharing time with Big Ben and my Ben after all my military time away. One of the best experiences of our lives!

“My grandsons attended and, unfortunately, my son was the one with the bad hammy!! They had a great time!!” — Sheila Rattigan Green.

Andrew ‏@beileberbecks
Our dreams came true today!! @sunnydelight @_BigBen7 @ProCamps

“I’m a huge Ben Roethlisberger fan but I truly respect him for all he gives back to the community!” — Melissa Woods.

You can see more of Mr. Rush’s action photos in Ben’s Camp Album.

Parents & Grandparents: If you don’t see a photo of your camper(s), head on over to ProCamps and check out their extensive gallery!