…and share it with us, like these fans have done!

Do you have a Big Ben or one of his teammates going out for Halloween or attending a costume party this year?

From Left to Right:

– Keri Blackburn’s son went to school as “sideline Big Ben” (via Twitter).

– 3-year old Logan was looking as adorable as can be as #43!!

– 4-year old Quincy Jr. loves the Steelers. He spots the team’s logo everywhere so of course he wanted to wear that logo proudly on his chest for Halloween!

– Zac Godfrey was just about to put his game face on before heading out to score some Halloween candy.

Are YOU going to work or a party (or even trick or treating) as Big Ben or one of his teammates?

Left: Deanna Srebrenick went to work as a “Bee of Steel”, or was it a Killer Bee?

Top Right: Andy Benton had a gig in Maryland on Halloween, so he dressed as a “Troy Polamalu – zombie drummer”.

Bottom Right: Brenton Evans was “Da Beard in Da South” (Virginia to be exact) last Halloween.

Perhaps you have a furry friend going out in the Black & Gold on Halloween night?

From Left to Right:

– Emma just wants to forgo the whole Trick or Treating part and go directly to the Tasting & Eating part!

– Chuck and Norris just wanted to know if “Treats” included cats?

– Kismet went the “formal costume route” by wearing a gold tie with the uni in hopes of getting a big haul to hide in the backyard!

– Our second Emma decided to just wait at the door to see if any Trick or Treaters would be dressed as a cat!

Or maybe you’re just staying home to answer the front door surrounded by unique Steelers decorations?

Top Left: Cindy BeBord’s Big Ben scarecrow caught a little something in his pitchfork – A Raven!!!

Top Right: Amanda Marie painted her pumpkin free hand, and claimed she wasn’t an artist. We respectfully disagree with her! It’s a work of art!

Bottom Left: Nina Spasojevic welcomed candy hunters to her front porch with two carved Steelers pumpkins.

Bottom Right: Jennifer Lynn Hixon also found the perfect way to keep those big black birds away!!

Want to join in on the Black & Gold Halloween fun? Then send us your photos! We’d love to post them in Ben’s Steelers Halloween album!

You can email your photos to bigben7website@gmail.com and we’ll get them posted in his album this Halloween weekend. We’ll also select a few of our favorites to display right here on the homepage.

And don’t forget to stop by on Halloween night, where Benjamin Jr. will unveil the winner of his Halloween Costume poll, thanks to a few thousand votes from Steeler Nation!

Will it be the timeless comic book hero “Spiderman”? Or will it be the adorable “Olaf” from the movie Frozen? Find out on Fright Night!