“I think, I should say I know, we have the best fans. I think the fans are the ones that make you ‘America’s Team’ or not. You can have your self-proclaimed titles or titles that people give you, but really it’s how you feel and how your fans feel.” — Ben, during his press conference on Wednesday.

From the fans…

Ben, you and the guys have had one heck of a year. You guys have paid fines, fought, clawed, played busted and bruised all for the chance to play this weekend. Thank you!

Best of luck to you and the team this Sunday. However, no matter the outcome on Sunday—I’m proud of you for the way you have handled everything. Keep your head up, keep smiling, stay grounded and the road will get easier.

“So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.”

Jennifer, Colorado Springs

I KNEW you guys could get there again just like I KNOW you can win it again ! So wish I could be there, but I will be here cheering you on…I am so excited and wish everyone of you the best game ever ! GO STEELERS !!!!!! Love and Hugs — Tina St. Albans, WV

Go Steelers! #7 on the way! — Jordan Gray, New Wilmington, PA

Ben win the super bowl, go steelers — Mike, Ohio

Stay focused….. Be the football player that we know you are Benji ! — Susan Oglietti, Knoxville, TN

Just want to say keep up the good work. We support you and have you back! From the “Steeler Nation” in the DC area. — Aaron Lowe, Washington, DC

Ben, I want to wish you and the team a good luck on Sunday!!!! I know you guys can do it!! Go Steelers!!!— Brittany, PA

Ben, My son’s name is Coby Ray Holder. I buried my son 5 days before his 21st birthday back in Nov. 2010. Coby was a die hard Steeler fan and loved watching his favorite team play. His father and I buried him in his Steeler attire and draped his coffin with the terrible towel. I wanted to tell you guys good luck at this years Superbowl and I know my Coby will be watching and cheering from Heaven. This Superbowl win will be for my son. — Vicky Logan

Hello, I am from Findlay Ohio….Ben needs to know he has fans here Findlay. My daughter Micki cheered for him and my son Jerrod is good friends with Carlee and graduated in her in 2007. Recently Jerrod Hartman #7 in hockey had his jersey retired just like Ben did with football (the year Carlee was Miss Basketball, Jerrod was Mr. Hockey). Go Steelers!!! — Cindy Hartman, Findlay, Ohio

Ben you have been an awesome QB. You have a Quality team behind you on both sides of the ball. No other team has ur ability to do what you have done in 6 short seasons. And I have no doubt your name will be in Canton right next to #12 Terry Bradshaw,. There’s little I can say that hasn’t already been said. You are part of a powerful Nation that has come to admire and respect you an your team for all your team has done. Most teams are built around a city – your city was built around your team. You will always have a home there. As you have told the press,” we are all family.” Well your family is about 500,000 + world wide. All part of the Steeler Nation. As an X burgh native, I wish all of you the best! — Chuck Kelly, Ashland, Ohio

My husband and I hope you do well in your upcoming game. Always remember who you are! Be humble and be Courageous! Best wishes and play well!!! — Mr. and Mrs. Terrill

Erin, a few years ago I e-mailed you some pictures from Ben’s visit in Switzerland after his first Super Bowl win in 2006. Well after that there is one more title and now his in the final again. This is a big story even here in Switzerland. For sure I will watch the Super Bowl even if it’s at night time here.

Ben – go for it and catch your third Vince Lombardy Trophy!!!! Switzerland stays on your side. Best regards from Switzerland! — Remo

Hi, I’m a Steeler fan from Monterrey Mexico and a huge Ben fan. I just want to wish Ben and the Steelers the best luck in SB XLV, hope they come out on top. I will be rooting for them as hard as I can! — E. Fidel Tapia Flores, Mexico

Ben, teammates and the Steeler organization: please know that we are sending HUGE CHEERS your way and we’re your #1 fans up here in London, Ontario, Canada…we’re proud of how you’ve handled yourself this season…if you’re ever in London…the London Ale House has become Steeler headquarters….we love you here!! — Michelle Petro, Canada

Ben, In 2006, you won your first Super Bowl on my birthday, February 5. This year you will win your third Super Bowl on my birthday weekend. Needless to say, I am REALLY looking forward to Sunday, even though I will be another year older! You and I share the same hometown of Findlay, OH, and I proudly wear my #7 jersey every game day. I have never wavered in my support for you, and I am sure I will always be your biggest cheerleader. I wish you and all of the Steelers the best of luck in Dallas. God bless you all. — Karen, Wheeling, WV

Good luck to Ben and the Steelers in the Super Bowl next Sunday. I hope they put a pounding on Aaron Rodgers and bring #7 back to Pittsburgh. — Jessica

Ben and Steelers, I just wanted to wish you luck on the game on Sunday. As a Steeler fan from Tx I am overjoyed that you are playing in the Superbowl in my home state. Go Steelers — Melisa Martinez, Bastrop TX

Good luck Ben!!! Win #7 in 11. – Amy, Wheeling, WV

I’d just like to wish Ben and the Steelers all good luck in Super Bowl XLV!!! I am so excited to see my team back in the Super Bowl again!! I have no doubt they can win that 7th Lombardi trophy. — Anita Doddroe, Canal Winchester, OH

Our whole family wishes Ben and the STEELERS the best of luck in Super Bowl XLV! Ben is AWESOME and #7 will get #7 in his 7th season! GO PITTSBURGH!!

Mike Tomlin – you are a class act! We love how you coach this team and how awesome you are at everything you do!

Troy Polamalu and James Harrison – my favorite defensive guys – knock ’em out!! –The Wise Family

Wow, the third Super Bowl in 6 years! Amazing. I am so proud of you, Ben. Win or lose, you have had an amazing year and have shown that you are one of the best, if not the best quarterback in the NFL. Yeah! The Pittsburgh Steelers are the best football team period. What an amazing group of guys we have. Go Black and Gold! Go Ben! — Deb Lantz

To Ben and the Steelers – The road to Dallas wasn’t easy, but you never gave up. Players got hurt, with some having season ending injuries, and guys stepped up. Now you made it to Dallas to play in the biggest game of all on the biggest stage again. I look forward to seeing you hold up Lombardi #7, and remember, I have every ounce of faith and confidence in each and every one of you! I’m proud to be a Steelers fan, and loving it every single season! I love you guys, and God Bless each and every one of you! Let’s get #7 for our #7 in his 7th season! Let’s play Steeler Football! Go Steelers!! — Misty, Hancock, Maryland

I want to start by saying that I have always supported Ben, and I always will no matter what!!! I’ve been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember! I love being a part of Steeler Nation, I bleed black and gold, and will always support the Steelers! This has been a great season, but you still have one more game to win! Please get us to 7th heaven!!!!!!! Here we go Steelers here we go!!!!!!! — Amanda, Fairmount City

Hi Ben! I must first say that it has been a delight watching you play throughout your career .Your drive and passion for the game along with your tough, exciting style of play has been refreshing and inspiring to watch. In my book, you are the BEST quarter back in the league!!! I just wanted to let you know that my family and I are cheering and praying for you and the rest of the Steelers. Congratulations on another awesome season, but we’re not done yet! Best of luck and enjoy your time in Dallas as you fight to bring #7 to Pittsburgh! Sending my love and best wishes from sunny San Diego! GO STEELERS!

P.S – What a tremendous idea to create this platform to share well wishes and support for #7. A big Thank You to the webmaster for the time, energy and effort that is spent doing this. Also a big Thank You to Ben for the time, energy and effort in reading these notes and being so awesome every Sunday and everyday for that matter! — Shontell Turntine– San Diego

Dear Ben, Yes, God is good! God is good all the time! Sometimes we just don’t understand it. It has been a pleasure supporting you. Take Care!!!! — Annie

Good Luck Big Ben and the entire Steelers Family. Steeler Nation believes in you!! Bring home #7!!! — Mindy McCormick, Charleston, SC

7 in 2011 World Champions — Daniel, Louisiana

Rooting for you and all of our Steelers brothers! “7” can make 7 happen! Be smart, safe, and super! — Selin, Arlington, VA

Isn’t it funny that’s your number is 7 & the team is trying to bring the 7th Lombardi trophy home to PittsburghJ Love you Ben & I’ll be cheering you & the rest of the Steelers on Sunday!!!!!! — Marilyn, Silver Spring, MD

Go Black and Gold!!! Love ya!!! I am originally from Wampum, PA, in Lawrence Co. Lived in the ‘burgh for 13 years before I moved to N. VA. I get back to the ‘burgh often as I have family there. Steelers, you make me so proud!!!! — Kathryn Mary Sluck, Centreville, VA

Ben and all STEELERS, You guys are the best team in the world. We all know it. They all know it.You will prove it Sunday.I am so proud of the season you have all had.HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO! Love to all –Teresa,Fort Wayne, Indiana

In the words of Mike Tomlin: “We don’t live in our fears, we live in our hopes.”

My words to you : Please take this with you to the game and hold it close to your heart always . “Take hope from the heart of man and you make him a beast of prey.”

I adore you and marvel at the person you are. I will be rooting for you and your team. Get em Big Ben! You make the Steeler Nation so proud! — Randi Kwiatkowski, Wexford, PA

I want to wish every Steelers player good luck on Sunday. I cant wait for you all to bring #7 to Pittsburgh. I know you guys are going to play an amazing game. — Amanda Riddle, Maryville, TN

Good Luck to Ben and The Steelers in their Quest to bring home Lombardi #7 You guys are the best. The Beards have got this. Will be cheering loud and proud rooting you guys on here in WV. !!! GO STEELERS! –Melissa Fetty, Point Pleasant, WV

Erin, I don’t know if this is the right place to send this, but I have been moved by the quotes from Ben and the stories of his comeback not just on the field but in his personal life. I am a lifetime Steeler fan and am proud of the change and the way he has handled himself. I will be praying not for a win cause that would be selfish but I am hoping for that for sure, but praying genuinely for Ben in his life. I am a minister in Statesville, NC and a christian comedian and no matter what level you are in the spotlight it is easy to lose yourself. — Hoss Ridgeway, NC

I just want to wish you ben and all of your teammates and coaches the best of luck in the super bowl! all of us back here in virginia are praying for you all. hoping the game is safe. bring home the win! much love to all of you! — Janet Turner, Richmond, VA

Good luck Ben and ALL of the Steelers! We love you all! I am originally from Clinton, NC, and you could not find anyone that cheers for you guys any harder. GO STEELERS! — Ann Miller

Very classy thing you two did, and I am sorry you beat my Jets, I am glad you showed you are a good man. Good luck and you are a winner already for the way you handled Bradshaw. — Ben, parts unknown


Good Luck Ben and the Steelers! Steeler Nation is behind you and looking forward to welcoming you home with Lombardi #7! –Heather, KY

Ben…..Congratulations to you and your brothers on a great season and returning to the Super Bowl. Steeler Nation is proud for sure! Steeler Strong in AZ. — The Medina’s ( Tito, Ana, Bibi and Rio)

Ben, As a fan that was born in the early 80s, I missed the dynasty of the 70s and suffered through so many close calls and tough losses in the 90s and early 2000s. I started to convince myself I would never see a Super Bowl title. Then you came along and everything changed. I will always remember this era as The Roethlisberger Era, when I was able to enjoy these Super Bowls. The run in the 2005 playoffs meant so much to my family for reasons you will never know, but you made it happen. Play your game on Sunday – there is nobody who does it better. Can’t wait to see #7 bring home Lombardi #7. See you at the parade on Tuesday! — Jonathan, Columbus, OH

Ben, I know it’s been a crazy year, but as a long time fan I have the utmost respect for your ability to put the past behind and focus on the now and the future. The humility you’ve shown and the way you’ve gotten back to your roots and your faith has truly been inspiring. I am so proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished on and off the field. I respect you because of the leadership you have shown within the team and in the community this past season. I pray that you may continue to place God and your family first, continue to do good and be encouraged knowing that your fans are behind you 110%. To you and the rest of the Steelers team- best of luck in the game on Sunday!!! Steelers Nation is cheering for you all!! – Carolina Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

Congratulations to you and the team on a hard fought season and a hard earned trip to the Super Bowl. Nobody deserves to be there any more than you do, and know that we have had your back all along. Win or lose, we love you and are proud to be Steeler fans and Ben Roethlisberger fans. Praying for safety for the entire team and another Steeler victory. — Anne and Emily, St Albans WV

My mother, Joyce, is 77 years old and a “die-hard” Steeler fan and as such a big fan of Ben. She has been a fan for of the Steelers for 77 years, and is quick to note that they were formed as a team the same year she was born!!

She is very excited about the Steelers upcoming appearance in the Super Bowl. The reason I am writing this note is because she’s been having heart issues, and needed to have surgery. Her biggest fear was not the surgery, it was missing the Superbowl game. She told that surgeons that if they could not do her surgery today, she was leaving, because there was no way she would miss the game. — Jim Mercier, Vermont

Ben — I’m a lifelong Steeler fan. You had me at hello.Through your incredible rookie season, winning one for Bettis, the drive at the end of SB XLIII, the ups and the downs of NFL life. I have ALWAYS been proud to be a “Big Ben” fan. Proud of the football player, of the good you have done in the community, of your fighting spirit. You said once that you sense something that comes from in our souls, to reach out to Steelers players. It’s the truth. A piece from my “Steelers Soul” to you. Good luck in SB XLV. Bring home #7. But most of all, good luck in life. — Jan B. Nescopeck, PA

I wanted to share my story of how Ben’s life transformation inspired me to change my life. I use to be the type of person that put drinking and partying above all. After I seen what happened to Ben, his courage inspired me to change my life for the better.

Now I am putting my daughter first. I am in college. I am pursuing a degree in network administration. His hard work and dedication to living right inspired me to get my life on the right track…. I hated to see Ben go through that … In a way he helped so many people and he doesn’t even know. I thank him for being the role model not only to children but to adults. He has shown us anyone can get on the right path with determination and drive…. Ben has showed so many that God is good..God is righteous — Janae Clark

Ben, I wanted to first, congratulate you on making it to your 3rd Super Bowl…it is evident that despite your trials over the last year or two, the Lord has touched you and you are recognizing Him for that. As a fellow believer, there is no greater an opportunity to share His Plan with others, than when we have survived our own trials in life and provide a testimony to others in need. Stay strong in your Faith, and NEVER waiver from the path that He has you on brother.
I wanted to share something with you, and it is my reason for writing you today. I have a 15 year-old son whose name is Steeler Wright. He is a Sophomore in High School, and is a starting safety for his football team….and loves, loves, loves his football and his Steelers… you, Hines, Troy…and the whole gang. We have had a blast watching you excel this year and are very excited to watch the Big Game.

People have come up with a million reasons why they believe they are the biggest Steeler fan…but, I believe they top them all…and my son is a close second.

From my family to yours…your “Steeler Family” I wish you a Blessed Super Bowl Ben. There is something in me saying that the Lord is going to shine through you this Sunday Ben…so, remember this “when you are weak, He is strong!” He is our ultimate strength in everything.

I wish my Steeler and I could be there with you in person but, have you seen the ticket prices lately??? It’s like only for the Rich and Famous now…I can’t believe I had the nerve to actually go online to look for tickets. Maybe one day the Lord will Bless me and my son Steeler.

We love ya Big Ben, God Bless you and the entire Steeler organization on Sunday…we will be praying for you all the way through…to the Lombardi!! — Mark and Steeler Wright, U.S. Air Force, Capt, retired

Just wanted to pass on my very best wishes to Ben and the entire Steelers team come Sunday. Watching them this year has been very fun and very entertaining to watch and I will be behind them 100% come Sunday as they get number seven. I am proud of the whole team and they make me very so very happy to be a Steelers fan. — Tiffany, Boonsboro, MD

Just wanted to say good luck!!! Sending prayers to you and the rest of the team and coaching staff!!! Im very proud to be a STEELERS fan!!! I have a little boy who wears his #7 Jersey all the time and with great pride!!! God Bless You!!! — Melissa Mcara

And a message in both Spanish and English from Martha Martinez in Mexico –

México, como el mundo entero, es territorio Acerero!

Como parte de la segunda generación de una familia acerera, quiero unirme a los buenos deseos para el próximo domingo. Se de su compromiso y entrega porque los veo todas las semanas y espero con ansias verlos levantar el Lombardi el domingo.

Ben, la grandeza de un hombre y un jugador no está en su habilidad de no caerse, sino en cómo se levanta de las caídas. Los aficionados de los acereros confiamos en que los guíes con el liderazgo que estás adquiriendo y tu probada capacidad al triunfo. Ojalá tú, la línea ofensiva, los receptores, las alas, los corredores, los equipos especiales y obviamente la generación actual de la cortina de acero logren el número 7!

Aunque distante, desde la Ciudad de México estaré viendo cada detalle del juego, la tercera generación (mi hija) y yo ondeando nuestras toallas terribles, Vamos Acereros!

Mexico, as the entire world, is Steeler territory!

As part of the second generation of a family of Steelers fans, I want add mine to the good wishes for Sunday. I am aware of your commitment and dedication because I watch you every week and I’m anxiously looking forward to seeing you lift the Lombardi on Sunday.

Ben, the greatness of a man and a player is not in his ability to avoid falling, but in how he rises from the fall. The Steelers fans trust that you will guide the team with the leadership that you are acquiring and your proven ability to win.

Hopefully you, the offensive line, receivers, tight ends, running backs, special teams and obviously the current generation of the Steel Curtain reach number 7.

Although distant, I’ll be watching every detail of the game from Mexico City, the third generation (my daughter) and I waving our Terrible Towels, Go Steelers!


“Shout Outs” to two special fans…

Shea Shaw, pictured at left, is 15-years old and is a big fan of Ben’s. Shea was involved in a hit and run accident on January 8th of this year and has been in a coma ever since. She is at Valley Medical Center Hospital in San Jose, Ca, Pediatric ICU fighting for her life.

Mike Hennessey, originally from Pennsylvania and now living in Colorado. Mike has been in the fight of his life dealing with an inoperable tumor in his lung. He is a huge Steelers fan and according to his friend Brad Kimball, “He’s the nicest, true-to-his-word friend a person could hope to count as a friend.”

Thoughts and prayers go out to both Shea and Mike, their families and friends, from Steeler Nation!

*Most of the photos used can be found in the Fans album and the Lil’ Fans album!