Recap provided by 93.7 The Fan:

On whether “guys in the locker room talk about trades” reference cornerback Patrick Peterson coming to the Steelers –

“Well, some guys might (laughs). Just like any other NFL news story, you never really jump or dive in too far until you know for sure some positive details.”

On how he thinks Todd Haley will take the news that Browns head coach Hue Jackson says he’ll get more involved in the play-calling going forward –

“Well I can’t imagine that Coach Todd was too happy with all that talk. Obviously, Todd has a pretty good track record…but Coach Jackson is right, it’s his team, he has the right to do what he chooses and how he wants to call plays or who calls the plays. That’s up to them to work it out. I’m sure those two have had a least a talk or two behind closed doors. But if Coach Todd or Coach Jackson wants to let everyone know what was said, I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.”

On Vontaze Burfict receiving another fine for his actions in the Bengals game against the Steelers –

“You know what, honestly Ron, I’ve moved on. You have to. You can’t sit there and dwell on him and it and all those things because it will consume your mind. You have to move on and move forward. I feel like I spoke my mind and most of us spoke our minds after that game when it was fresh and relevant and now we just move on.”

On whether he’s heard from Le’Veon Bell –

“No, I have not. It was such a big deal early because I think we all didn’t know what to expect…we’ve all moved on. Obviously, yesterday at practice there was more media there than ever, it’s all just waiting to get a glimpse to see when he’s gonna show up. For us, we just laugh.”

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