Daddy’s off-season is our FAVORITE time of year! It ranks right up there with Halloween, Christmas, Easter and our birthdays!!

From snowman-making to swinging to swimming to shootin’ hoops, we’ve been there – done that, thanks to Mommy & Daddy. They’ve kept us super busy with super fun things to do so far this off-season, and we wanted to share some of our favorite photos with you:


Hey Daddy, does snow come in flavors…like maybe chocolate?

A little pick-up game with a couple of pals (can you tell by their faces that WE won? heehee).

Lunch on the patio after a swim. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Benjamin, don’t you wish we could stay here forever?

A swingset on the beach is like one of the best ideas EVER!!

Yup, we’re best buddies.

Thanks for stoppin’ by! We’ve got more fun stuff to do, but we’ll see ya soon! — Benjamin Jr. & Baylee.