Well, it’s been another busy year for Benjamin Jr., who turns the BIG #4 today!!!

In fact, it’s been SO busy, we had to do 2 photo collages just to capture what he was up to this past year — and still didn’t get ’em all in!

Benjamin & Baylee took advantage of a snowy winter; A little March Madness with some buddies; Easter morning was pretty darn exciting; Enjoying some down time at the pool; Benjamin Jr. welcomes his new baby brother in May; Being silly with Baylee; Helping Daddy at his football camp; Hangin’ out with Pops; And catching lightning bugs with Daddy.

Benjamin & Baylee just bein’ buds at the lake; Waiting for popcorn on movie night; Picking up new puppy Remington; Ice cream with mom at the SoakZone; Having a great time in the colored balls; Look out, Benjamin Jr.’s behind the wheel; Rootin’ for Daddy on a Sunday afternoon; On stage at the Steelers Style Fashion Show; And sitting still for just one second for a Halloween photo!!

And we can’t forget two of our favorite videos –

Benjamin and Baylee played in the leaves a few weeks ago, and Benjamin also sang for us just a couple of weeks ago!

Whew! Talk about a busy year for a our birthday boy!! Here’s to another fun, happy busy year!!